26.01.13 Updates – Now on FacebookAll our updates will now take place through Facebook!

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27.06.12 New Site – Islam.org.ukWe’ve been quietly working on our new site – Islam.org.uk!

It’s going to host some pretty fantastic resources on there and we’re working around the clock to make an impressive members area!

Do remember to “Like” the site when you’re over there. We really need it to go viral before Ramadhan as it really is going to be the true leader in Islamic websites! inshAllah! 🙂

29.02.12 Qalbi Zikr VideoWe’ve uploaded our first video in English on Youtube. Both Qalbi Zikr & Muraqaba technique has been outlined and a Muraqaba session is also performed by Faqir Saleem.

This video would prove useful for those who wish to acquire “Qalb -e- Saleem” which is a heart of peace which dwells in the love of Allah and His Rasul (Swallallahu alayhi Wasallam)

Feel free to leave your comments and remember to share with friends. All the zikr they do you’ll get the reward for! 🙂
11.02.12 Hadith Audio BookWe’re really pushing the boundaries with our technical abilities. Take a look at our  fantastic new interactive audio software: Interactive Audio Book

… and let your mouth water thinking about all the endless possibilities it will bring!

p.s. your kids will love it!

24.01.12 Qalbi Zikr Live Online!Qalbi Zikr is now aired live online each day. Click here to learn how to join in!
31.08.11 Eid Mubarak!
28.08.11 Preparations for Eid  Well the blessed month of Ramadhan is nearly coming to an end. We’ve got a page up that highlights how you should spend your Eid Night and Eid day, and the following days in Shawwal. Also outlines how to pray the Eid Salaah.

Click here to learn more..

20.08.11 Sunni Bahishti Zewar
One of the most important books to have at home, now brought online for all to benefit from. Includes a whole section on Aqeedah (Beliefs) taken from Bahar-e-Shariat. It’s also in English!The contents of this book are vary varied. It covers rulings for almost everything an everyday Muslim needs.We’ve worked hard to add a decent Table of Contents too, so you can jump straight to the topic you’re interested in. (To load the Table of Contents you need to press the lower left button)

Click Here to go the newly published online Sunni Bahishti Zewar book. Don’t forget to like and share with friends!

15.08.11 Dream Interpretation
We had dream interpretation before, but that was just a taster! Now we’ve got the whole Dictionary of Dreams online. We’ve jazzed it up with the usual page flip effects but we’ve ALSO added the ability to search for a word within the whole book! This makes the whole Dream Interpretation thing a whole lot easier. Click Here to go the new online Dream Interpretation book. Don’t forget to like and share with friends!
12.08.11 Muraqaba Files!
We know this is long overdue but better late than never!Click Here to go to our Audio section. At the bottom of that page are the Muraqaba Files. There’s now five Muraqaba files to choose from!We are also soon going to upload a range of islamic books, one by one, so stay tuned and keep up with your zikr!.
31.07.11 Ramadhan Mubarak!
A reminder is always beneficial for the believers so Click Here to remind yourself and perhaps your children about the importance of this month.We have a whole online book dedicated to this month so make the most of it whilst you can…you may not get to see another Ramadhan.Definetly work on your heart this month. Do your Qalbi Zikr, you’ll see results much quicker inshAllah!
30.07.11 Interactive Amma Now Ready! 

We’ve just completed the Interactive Amma!So once you’ve mastered reading Arabic using our Interactive Ahsanul Qawaid, move onto learning Juz Amma. (30th Supara of the Quran). Juz Amma has small and easy Surahs that you need for Salaah.

Click image above to get to our Interactive Amma, turn to any page and click on any ayah. As the Qari recites the verse the word or phrase will be highlighted to show you where the Qari is.

Just click, listen, follow and learn!

It will soon be available on the iQari.co.uk shop.

27.07.11 iQari Shop – We’ve just launched our iQari shop! All our interactive products will be available to purchase and download from there. 



15.07.11 Shabe-baraat – Introduction and guidance on special prayers for the night. (Includes Salaatul Tasbeeh) Don’t miss out on the benefits of this auspicious night. Click hereto learn more.
2.07.11 To learn about what additions we have in store for you, take a look at our coming soon section!








 We’ve Gone Social! – So follow us and stay in touch!

We’ve also added a “Tell a Friend” social link to the top of each page to make it easier for you to share some of the content on this site. Enjoy…

 28.06.11 INTERACTIVE – Basic Essentials Question Paper: 

We’ve revamped the Basic Essentials Question Paper AND made it interactive.

The Basic Essentials paper covers most of the very basic areas of knowledge that all Muslims should strive to learn urgently. Ideal for those new to Islam and those setting out to live as a good Muslim

Click here or the image above to download the interactive question paper. Once completed feel free to e-mail it along with your progress diary!

25.06.11 Request a Zikr majlis: 

Flood your heart and the hearts of others with the noor and love of Allah! Invite us to perform a Qalbi Zikr Majlis at your local Mosque, Home or other suitable location!

Click here to learn more!

11.06.11 Tajweed Quran PDF Format: 

We realised it was extremely difficult to get hold of a PDF digital 13 line colour coded Tajweed Quran in IndoPak font, so we’ve been doing our best to make it available for quite some time.

We are pleased to announce that we’ve just completed editing and compiling a High Quality version of the Colour Coded Tajweed Quran!

Click this link or image below to go to the download page.

10.06.11 YouTube Channel: 

We’ve got our youtube channel up and running. We already have several videos online and we’ll continue to upload many others, including Muraqaba’s etc so that you can watch, enjoy, learn & share!

Click on the logo below to directly go to our YouTube Channel. Remember to Subscribe and add us as a friend! Feel free to leave comments also..


07.06.11 Interactive Weekly Progress Diary 

Interactive Weekly Progress Diary (File Size: 670kb)

Just when you thought we were taking it easy we’ve updated our “normal” pdf diary into an INTERACTIVE diary!

There is now no need to print/scan the weekly progress diary. You can now easily fill it all out on your PC/Tablet and e-mail it to us. (e-mail address is on the diary, it’s not posted here to prevent spam)

17.04.11 We’ve joined Twitter! 

Keep track of all our new developments using the famous twitter service.

05.02.11 Tajweed Quran – Interactive Surah Fatiha 

Surah Fatiha has now been made interactive!

You can now open the Tajweed Quran (from “Qur’an -> Read Qur’an online”) turn to Surah Fatiha and click on any of the verses.

The selected verse will be read out by Sheikh Abu Bakr Shatri. This inshAllah will help you improve your recitation of Quran. Give us some time and we’ll have the whole Quran complete!

02.02.11 UK Weekly Zikr Majlis & Contact Info

InshAlah a Qalbi Zikr Malis will be held at 5pm Saturday, 5th Feb 2011 in Raza Mosque, Preston, PR1 1UH. All brothers are invited to attend,

Contact us page has also been updated with the contact details for both Hadhrrat Sahib and his Khalifa, Faqir Saleem.

28.01.11 INTERNATIONAL Zikr Majlis

This “once in a lifetime” opportunity to attend an international zikr gathering is not to be missed if you are a true seeker of Allah (swt) who wishes to attain a Living Heart.Learn More..

25.01.11 Tajweed Colour Coded Quran

We’ve completed the Tajweed Colour Coded Quran and put it online. Click here to view/read the Quran online.

It replaces the previous Quran we had online. It also features a Table of contents, to help you get to your chosen Surah/Juz at a touch of a button. it’s also colour coded so you can learn to recite with correct tahweed.

We’ve also compiled it into a program which you can download and use on your pc. Price is set at £9.95 and you can download it stright after you’ve made payment.

Click here to view/read the Quran online.

Click here to buy & Download the Quran.


19.12.10 Ahsanul Qawaid Completed We’ve now completed adding sounds to all the lessons in Ahsanul Qawaid.

We’re compiling a detailed help file that will help you go through all the lessons. Once complete we aim to make a downloadable portable version that you can use on your pc/laptop etc.

Each page is roughly half a MB in size so it is bandwidth hungry. We aim to keep it freely available to all online. So if you’re in a position to help and support our aims consider donating towards our hosting costs using the module on your left.


13.12.10 Update on Ahsanul Qawaid We’ve done up to page 20 (Lesson 13)

Click on any of the letters/phrases on pages 1 – 20 and an audio file will be played which will reflect what is written. This will allow you to learn how to pronounce the letter/phrase correctly.

click here to load Ahsanul Qawaid. (You may need to delete your cache (empty history) if the pages do not play audio files)


11.12.10 INTERACTIVE Ahsanul Qawaid We’ve transformed “Ahsanul Qawaid” first page in an interactive format.

Click on any of the letters on the first page and an audio file will be played which will allow you to learn how to pronounce the letter.

So for those who don’t have a teacher you can now learn Arabic in the comfort of the home. click here to load Ahsanul Qawaid.

We aim to do make the whole Ahsanul Qawaid Interactive. So watch this space..

10.12.10 Ahsanul Qawaid We’ve just uploaded “Ahsanul Qawaid” in flash book format.

For those not familiar with Ahsanul-Qawaid, it is the most widely used book to learn how to read the Quran. We have plans to make it interactive so you can teach yourself Arabic! Watch this space…

For those who can get some help, why not start to learn Arabic today. Just click here

31.08.10 Laylatul Qadr Section just added. Make the most of it this Ramadhan. (Includes Salatul Tasbeeh) click here
19.08.10 Zakat / Charity
Learn about rules of zakat (including rewards and punishments) click here
27.07.10 Dream Interpretation!
Click Here and learn about what your dreams mean. InshAllah if you’re doing lots of zikr you will have many good dreams. Now you have a means of understanding them.
26.07.10 Shabe-Baraat!
Click Here to learn about it and do something useful on this special night. Includes Salaatul Tasbeeh (in the middle)We would strongly advise you work on your heart and do Qalbi Zikr.
24.07.10 We’ve just added a facebook “Like” button to our header. (See top left hand corner)

If you’d like to earn some easy rewards, by inticing others to do Qalbi Zikr, and you have a facebook account then click the Like button.

Who knows, you may end up being a vital link for a future Friend of Allah and earning all the rewards that go with it!


For the FIRST time we are going to make available Hadhrat Sahib’s direct MOBILE contact number.

Please take care not to ring for trivial worldly gain only but MAINLY for the everlasting benefit of the hereafter. Our personal advise is that you phone to ask how Hadhrat Sahib is and seek to acquire Qalbi Zikr. (A heart in Complete peace and in the zikr of Allah)

Hadhrat Sahib’s Personal Mobile Phone Number: +92 301 4903569 Pakistan Mobile)

Preferable if you speak Urdu, Punjabi or Sindhi. Let Hadhrat Sahib know you have been given his number through Khalifa Saleem through the zikr website All the best. Wasalaam

20.09.09 EID MUBARAK!

from Hadhrat Sahib, Khalifa Saleem and the Zikr team.

16.09.09 Khatm e Khawajgan:

NEW! This Khatam Sharif is extremely potent in helping to fulfill any permissible worldly or religious need(s). If possible recite it daily, If not then whenever you are faced with any difficulty.

InshAllah within a few days your need/dua will be fulfilled.

Khatm-e-Khawajgan (File Size: 60kb)

Note: The more righteous the person(s) reciting the Khatam Sharif the more readily the dua is accepted. Generally speaking, practicing Mureeds should expect to have their dua(s) accepted within 3 days.

09.09.09 Online Quran Sharif:

NEW! We have just compiled and uploaded a 13 line Arabic Quran Sharif in urdu script. Very easy to read and commonly used in Asia & Europe by everyday Muslims and especially Hafiz. Now you can read/memorise Quran anywhere with an internet connection!

Quran Sharif
 Download Qur’an Sharif from Scribd (File Size: 65MB)

 Read Qur’an Online (Interactive Flash Quran!)

27.08.09 Complete Guide to Hajj & Umrah:

This comprehensive book covers all aspects of Hajj and Umrah including Importance, Virtues, Method of performing Hajj, Umrah and Ziyarah, Types of Hajj, Ihram and much much more.

Your Complete Guide to Hajj
 Download Hajj and Umrah Book (File Size: 19MB)

 Read Book Online (Interactive Flash eBook!)

25.08.09 Complete Guide to Salaah:

This brief but comprehensive book covers all aspects of Salaat including Importance, Purpose, Pre-requisites, How to observe prayer, Different types of prayers, Surahs etc.

Your Complete Guide to Salaah
 Download Salaah Book (File Size: 2.1MB)

 Read Book Online (Interactive Flash eBook!)

21.08.09 Complete Guide to Zakaat:

This brief but comprehensive book covers all aspects of Zakaat including Importance, Virtues, Punishment, Rules of Nisab, Eligibility, Distribution, Calculation etc.

Your Complete Guide to Zakaah
 Download Zakaat Book (File Size: 375kb)

 Read Book Online (Interactive Flash eBook!)

18.08.09 Complete Guide to Ramadhan & Fasting:

We have developed this book which covers all aspects of Ramadhan including Moon sighting, Sehri, Duas, Fasting rules, Itikaaf, Taraweeh, Lailatul qadr, Eid etc.

Your Complete Guide to Ramadhan
 Download Ramadhan Book (File Size: 800kb)

 Read Book Online (Interactive Flash eBook!)

13.08.09 An English Shijra Sharif has now been developed. You may download it from the link below.

 English Shijra Sharif (File Size: 133KB)

To save it on your computer, Right click the link and click “Save Link As”.

19.07.09 The Khatam Sharif has been updated. It now looks much more presentable and you can save it as one image file. This is our new Khatam Sharif:

09.07.09 To help our Mureeds and those who aim to progress on their path towards Allah (swt) we have developed a Weekly Progress Diary .

The weekly diary is an essential aid for Mureeds who wish to monitor their progress whilst on their path towards Allah (swt). InshAllah it will prove very useful to you. Your feedback, on using the diary, would also be very useful to us.

You may download the Weekly Progress Diary from the link below.

 Weekly Progress Diary (File Size: 193KB)

To save it on your computer, Right click the link and click “Save Link As”. Once downloaded, print it and fill in during the week.

The diary is in pdf format. You may need to install Adobe Acrobat Reader which you can download free from here: https://get.adobe.com/reader/

14.02.09 The Qalbi Zikr Training Album has now been uploaded onto our servers. So get permission and begin your Qalbi Zikr adventure with our unique Training Album

12.07.08 The Sufism introduction has been revised with a new “nutshell” illustration and with added information on the Stations of Shariat, Tariqat, Marifat and Haqiqat.

This should serve to give you a much better understanding of Sufism. Click Here to read the article. We hope you enjoy it.

30.06.08 You will be glad to know that the Mureed Registration form is now complete and ready.

This will allow Registered Mureeds to access certain features of the site not available to other visitors. If you’re a Mureed you may Register Here.

22.06.08 A new “Highlight” menu has been added to the right hand column to add a bit of spice and also to help new visitors keep focused on some of the most important things on this site.
14.06.08 We have now developed an online easy step-by-step procedure for those who wish to Join our School/Jamaat and do bai’at to Hadhrat Muhammad Sardar Ahmad Naqshbandi.

We have also published the “New Student Induction” program so those who have become or wish to become initiates of our Murshid can understand what is required from them and what steps they need to take and refrain from once they become Mureed.

02.06.08 As the site is rapidly increasing in size, we have introduced a column on the right hand side to help deal with site navigation. If this change is causing you any viewing problems please do let us know.
01.06.08 Hadhrat Sahib’s Certificate has been scanned and uploaded. You may view it online by Clicking Here.
30.05.08 Qalbi Zikr Dual Heart Beat training files are now available for all to listen to and download. So there is no reason to delay.. Click Here to get started today!
21.05.08 Take Hadhrat Sahib with you everywhere. Mobile Phone & PDA Backgrounds added in various sizes to suit all major phone and PDA size displays. Click Here to view & download!
15.05.08 All seven tracks in the Qalbi Zikr Training Album are now complete and ready. Click Here to start training today!
04.05.08 If you’re finding Qalbi Zikr a little hard to do then we have just the thing. Our Qalbi Zikr Training Album.

The Qalbi Zikr Training Album was developed to help you train your heart to remember Allah in the various natural environments of the world.

Click Here to learn more about how the training album works and download the very first sample audio in this series: Qalbi Zikr Nature Woods!


Our Zikr Badge & Banner has now been developed. Click Here to view these and other images in a larger size.

Understanding our Logo: There are four sections within a sheild, centered with a letter Z.

The four images are

1) Hadhrat’s Imamah Sharif,
2) Quran Sharif with lights coming out
3) Our Holy Prophet’s Nalain (Slipper) Mubarak
4) Our Hadhrat Sahib’s Staff

> The Qur’an & Nalain Mubarak represent that we follow the Qura’an & Sunnah.
> The staff, a Sunnah item used by Hadhrat Sahib, represents firmness in our faith
> The Kulla with Imamah Sharif, also Sunnah, is our crown & Glory within the Naqshbandi Jamaat.
> The Letter Z stands for Zikr and it is in the center because we do Qalbi Zikr which is central to our Jamaat Teachings and in our life.
> Shield: By applying the Sunnah and doing Qalbi Zikr we are shielding and protecting our self from our enemies, the Shaitaan and nafs.

Hadhrat Sahib’s MAIN video has been put up. Click here to go to the Video Gallery
Breathtaking Image Gallery of Hadhrat Sahib has now been put up. This will be updated quite regularly so check back often!

For the FIRST TIME you can now do ziyarat of Hadhrat Sahib as we’ve now uploaded a 9 min clip onto YouTube.

It briefly introduces Qalbi Zikr followed by Hadhrat Muhammad Sardar Ahmad Naqshbandi initiating new students and granting them permission to perform Qalbi Zikr by reciting the sacred kalimats.

Enjoy to your hearts content…ohh and remember to download the exam below!


The Basic Essentials Module Exam has now been uploaded. Please download, print and complete it. Answers to the questions can be found on this site and every effort should be made to answer all questions.

 Islam: Basic Essentials Exam (File Size: 136KB)


We sincerely apologise for not responding to all those who have written to us. We will reply to your e-mails very soon inshAllah.

We have just got back from Pakistan with some amazing footage of Hadhrat Sahib explaining the whole works in approx 6 hours of video!

We will get all this uploaded and onto youtube very very soon.

The site will be uplaoded also with the Basic Essentials Module exam which ALL our mureeds should complete to ensure they are ship-shape on all the basics.


We have been working extra hard over the weekend. We have now added over FOURTEEN new articles under The Blessed Sunnat section. Including Bath, Imamah Sharif, Beard & Moustache, Oiling & Combing Hair. Surma, Trimming Hair & Nails, Sleeping, General Cleanliness, Fragrance / Itr, Eating, Drinking, Mendhi and going to the bathroom.


We recently moved to new servers and our audio mp3 links were not working. We”ve now corrected this.

Also, we are working hard on re-structuring the site and adding new functions and articles to it. So if you see any strange things happen to the site during the next few weeks, don”t be alarmed. Just do Qalbi Zikr 🙂


We”ve added an interactive new top menu which will allow sub-menus to be shown whilst hovering hover. It took us two days to get the coding right. So we thought we’d mention it 🙂 InshAllah, this will allow our visitors and mureeds to navigate our site more efficiently.


We’ve just finished designing our Qalbi Zikr Logo! The speical “Q” design has been made to look similar to an on/off button to help one understand that this is all about starting the heart in the Divine Remembrance of Allah.


In this life we will all face some kind of problem. Some of these problems relate to this life and some to the next. Some are spiritual and some physical.

Friends of Allah are here to help the creation of Allah. We have therefore decided to publish an article and provide the all-in-one five step solution. Learn more about it here.


Have you ever wanted to see a TRUE Friend of Allah (swt)?

Hadhrat Muhammad Sardar Ahmad Naqshbandi Learn more..


We have now fixed the Contact Us form again. So, once again, please feel free to contact us if you need permission to perform Qalbi Zikr or have any other queries regarding it.


We’ve developed our very first track for the QALBI ZIKR CD.

This track puts the mind in a meditative state and pumps the heart with the zikr of Allah. It is compiled with Hadhrat Sahib’s Qalbi Zikr activation file along with theta frequencies and the natural sound of birds doing the zikr of Allah in the background.

The track is ready for download from this location Qalbi Zikr Meditation Trance (To save file right click and click “Save As..” )

Sit in a relaxed position where you will not be disturbed. Use stereo headphones when listening to this Qalbi Zikr file and repeat the zikr of “Allahu Allahu Allah” silently within your heart.

Let us know how you get on.


Qalb-e-Saleem section just added. Qalb-e-Saleem is basically a purified heart in a state of peace. Not the “hug a tree” type of peace 🙂 but at complete peace with it self and its surroundings. ie no burning hatred or jealousy within etc…

Anyways…We’ll explain it in greater detail soon but we’ve basically listed the core attributes of qalb-e-Saleem and it should be used to guage reference on your own state.

It will be further updated in due course with further information and explanation. So bookmark us and come back soon.


For all the VIP enthusiasts out there who are are very eager to know when we have new things uploaded onto the site including meditation files, powerpoint presentations, courses and new ideas we always have cooking in our brain then swiftly send in your e-mail address using the contact form and we’ll keep you updated with our “Zikr Touch” e-letter.

Goes without saying that “Zikr Touch” is now our registered trademark 🙂 So if you want to be part of something special then get your e-mail added to our VIP list and Contact Us today.


We are soon to release a 40 step course, one step at a time, that will help guide those who are seeking to live life as a true 24 hour Muslim.

The course will include developing your spiritual & character qualities as well as all the basic & practical knowledge needed by today’s 21st century Muslim. Excellent for new and aspiring Muslims alike.

So if you are interested please do look our for updates.


We are preparing to lay out our Mission and Vision statement. Not only will we become nmore focused here at zikr.co.uk but it will allow our visitors to understand what they can gain here. So here is our mission statement. It’s simple but precise. If you have a better one in mind, get in touch.. or forever hold your peace 🙂

Mission Statement:

Our aim is to illuminate the hearts of man through love & remembrance of Allah (swt) and promote the sunnah of our Holy Prophet (saw).

Why this mission statement?

Firstly: We’ve used “illuminate” because we are focusing primarily on cleaning the heart and filling it with noor.

Secondly: We are focusing on the heart because the heart is the king of the body. If it is purified then the rest of the body will naturally become subserviant to the will of Allah (swt).

Thirdly: We can only illuminate and purify the heart by inviting others with love to the remembrance of Allah (swt).

Fourthly: Once the heart is illuminated it will be eager to perform all required duties of its beloved Allah (swt) as shown by our Holy Prophet (saw)

We have outlined a purpose driven vision for those seeking to benefit from life through remembrance of Allah. Please click here to learn more.

We have now fixed the Contact Us form. So please feel free to contact us if you need permission to perform Qalbi Zikr or have any other queries regarding it.



We have now created an online Qalbi Zikr room in Paltalk. This is the link to our Qalbi Zikr room: https://chat.paltalk.com/g2/paltalk/1094316009/WebLoader.wmt

You will need to register yourself on paltalk to join our room. Registration is FREE so don’t delay.


We’ve now uploaded our new Shijra Sharif in FULL colour! Click here to visit the Shijra Sharif section or Click Here to view the High Resolution Full Size Shijra Sharif! (File Size: 4.3MB)

Second Update: All kamil Sheikhs, who are designated successors of their Murshid, will have a certificate of approval from their Sheikh. To show that there is no doubt in the authority given to our Murshid by Hadhrat Muhammad Abdul Ghaffar (r.a) we have now added Hadhrat Sahib’s Certificate in the “About Hadhrat” section.


We will now be working vigourously to get all our offline content online. Including meditation files, illustrations, pictures, videos of programmes, presentations of zikr etc. So remember to regularly check this site for updates.

Today we have uploaded a brand new meditation file! So right click and save the file below and get ready to get your heart in gear!

Meditation File 2 (Size: 18.7MB Length: 20 min Format: Mp3)


Great news! We have recently acquired Islam.eu.com!

We are intending to, inshAllah, develop & host interactive multimedia rich “Bite-Size” courses that will help new & existing Muslims learn the absolute essentials of Islam.



We have uploaded a recent picture of Hadhrat Sahib in the About Hadhrat section.

We have also opened a Projects Folder which will outline all our behind the scenes activities and plans.

By outlining these we aim to attract support & help from organisations & individuals who are blessed with Health, Time & Knowledge so that collectively our goals can be realised much quicker.



We apologise for the lack of updated content. We’ve had some really rough server problems. So we decided to move to another host and pay for some serious speed & power!

Anyways, at present we are developing a powerpoint presentation on Qalbi Zikr. Hopefully with audio & flash video content. So learning about Qalbi Zikr should be fairly easy, all you’ll need to do is sit, listen and enjoy 🙂

Until then Wasalaam.

Just added Importance of Zikr into the principles of Zikr section. More on zikr tomorrow. InshAllah.
We have just added Oath of Allegiance to the site. Look out for more updates tomorrow. Wasalaam

We have updated Types of Zikr and added the Miswaak and Tahajjud Prayerwithin The Blessed Sunnah section. More to come.

25.12.06 UPDATE: We have just updated the Mureed Handbook entry page. Still working on the Sunnat’s don’t worry 🙂

Just added the first page of The Blessed Sunnah. We aim to complete this section today so make dua for us cos we usually get a bit lazy!


UPDATE THREE: We have re-written About Hadhrat to include some information about Hadhrat’s character & taqwa. We have also included a photo of the Bucheki Markaz and a map of how to get there.

UPDATE TWO: Benefits of Faiz & Bai’ah within our Jamaat have been added to give you an idea as to what faiz is and how beneficial it is to do bai’ah.

UPDATE: We have added an important section on Faiz. Remember, each time you do muraqabah you are receiving Faiz. So please learn about what it is 🙂

We have just integrated the Chat Room within our site. Please feel free to talk amongst yourselves about zikr and if we are on also, you may ask us any questions etc.


We have uploaded the first true flavour of muraqabah (Meditation) with tasbeeh. Once you have gained the tasbeeh technique outlined, in the media support library, then please try your very first flavoured muraqabah.

The file is just over 20MB large. The meditation lasts over 22 mins and it is led by Hadhrat Sahib in his native language of Urdu/Punjabi. It does not make a difference if you understand it or not, you will still get faiz. Just try it. Click here to go to the Media Support Library and read about the tasbeeh technique and download the flavoured meditation file. (it is located towards the bottom of the media section)


We now have the Tasbeeh Meditation file in the media library. So if you have already had your heart activated and can feel your heart doing zikr then please use the tasbeeh meditation technique from now on.

This is because all our future meditation files will have this in the background and it is important your heart is used to the technique.

Pictures of Wali-e-Kamil Hadhrat Muhammad Sardar Ahmad Naqshbandi, our Grand Sheikh at zikr.co.uk, are now up in the About Hadhrat section.

UPDATE: We’ve just updated the Media library with a meditation file to help you make the remembrance of Allah (swt) within your heart permanent.

We’ve been advisd that our site doesn;t load up too well in firefox. So we have been fixing the CSS style sheet these past few days.Upon having downloaded and installed firefox, we can now see that our site looks 99% normal. There’s still 2 or 3 minor issues but atleast the site doesn’t look like a 3 year old designed it 🙂

So getting back on track we hope to get this site finished as soon as we can… and thank you to all those who submitted info to us. We appreciate your help!


Apologies for not updating the site with the content promised yesterday. We have been very busy answering e-mails and gving permission to users wanting to do Qalbi Zikr.

Many have asked if it is ok to get Qalbi Zikr if you already have a Sheikh.. and the answer to this is YES.

Yes, it is absolutely fine. All faiz and barakah still comes from your Sheikh.

A bit like having a wireless router installed.. You still use your own network but you can now log on in a different way..

Qalbi Zikr is the same. You can do this zikr without wudhu and you can do it whilst your working, eating sleeping etc..

You’re still doing Zikr and you’ll still receive faiz from your own Sheikh, if you have one, we’re just giving you another Zikr tool to boost your faiz and help you along in the purification process.


Today we have installed a live MSN script for anyone who wants to text chat to Khalifa Saleem to either learn more about Qalbi Zikr or get permission to perform Qalbi Zikr.

Even if Faqir Saleem is not online at the time, your instant message will reach him and he will respond asap. The hotmail account is not used for e-mail so please do not send e-mail messages there. To send an e-mail please use the Contact Formprovided. Thank you.

We will laso try to finish writing an article about Bai’at and have it up today sometime, InshAllah.

We have, Alhamdulillah put up s ome info About Hadhrat Sahib. and we also have the Getting Started section up.

We apologise for the late update. We are presently writing up the “Get Started” section.

It might be up later on tonight, if not, then come back tomorrow, inshAllah.


UPDATE TWO: The site is now available in other languages. We’ve also re-designed a few elements within the site to keep everything looking tidy 🙂

UPDATE: Fixed the translation files, so all pages are now translated instead of just the first one. We’re also putting it in other languages such as chinese, japanese and Korean! You should see the languages in a short while.

InshAllah, today we will try to get the language module fixed & working properly.


UPDATE TWO: As you’ll have probably noticed we’ve installed a nice translation module that will translate pages to other european languages. Enjoy!

UPDATE: We’ve changed the Friends of Allah entry page so that more info on their character, purpose, etc can be covered in submenu sections. We decided to break the topic down so that the information would be easy to digest and understand. More to come..

We are really really trying our best to get the “Friends of Allah (swt)” article up.

We’ve got all the evidence in place and we’re currently working on a format that strikes a balance between being informative whilst also being short. We might end up putting it up in parts. Let’s see how things work out.


UPDATE TWO: Added a little bit of intro into the Golden Chain section.

UPDATE: We have re-written Sufi Orders. because we thought it was difficult to understand after having read it today with a fresh mind.

Ohh, forgot to mention, we did manage to get the chat room up yesterday but we’re still fine tuning it so it does the job we want it to do properly. Should be up this week sometime.

Today we’ll, inshAllah, have a section on the Freinds of Allah. We’ve been meaning to do this for quite some time. I’m sure you’ll agree that the topic on Wilayah is quite deep and as we try to keep things simple and understandable it takes some time to phrase things correctly with the Qur’an and Hadith in mind.


UPDATE TWO: Trying to get a Zikr Chat module integrated to our site. This will allow you to chat amongst each other as well as discuss any aspect of Qalbi Zikr & our organisation with oursleves.

UPDATE: We have uploaded our three Primary Duties so that our visitors can understand what we do and how we do it.

Today, inshALlah, we will try to put up more information about us and our duties. This will include describing what Qalbi Zikr is and how we do things in our part of the world 🙂 Update should appear above.


UPDATE TWO: We have now Alhamdulillah uploaded Sufi Orders. More to come tomorrow.

UPDATE: We have just updated the Shijra Sharif section with details of what a Shijra is etc more to come InshAllah!

Today we *will* inshAllah try to put some double time and effort into getting a few articles written and put up. It’s Saturday, we’re off work and we’re ready to rumble. Check a while later for an update, which will appear above.

But for now, Wasalaam.


UPDATE: We would like to apologise for not having updated the site today with the content promised. Give us tomorrow aswell and we will inshALlah work double time to get double content up.

Today InshAllah we will try to complete a section in the Friends of Allah (swt). Might be up later on in the evening as it’s Jummah today and we all need a bath 🙂

We’ve also added a translation module that will help to translate the zikr site into other languages. How good it is we’re not sure, let us know if it’s useful… (in English if possible)


We have now written and uploaded the “Graph of Importance“, under principles of Zikr. . We thought we’d share it with you as we feel it makes perfect sense and it looks as though we know what we are talking about 🙂

We realise that there is very little information on Zikr and Friends of Allah itself, and this is truly because we were concentrating our efforts on the Shariah Section which would benefit everyone immediately and is vital for progress in Zikr. So please be patient. InshAllah, all will get done slowly but surely.


>A Sample file in media Library was added to give your heart something to remember…

We re-wrote the “Request a Majlis” section adding more details about the service.

We added the What’s new section to let you know what we’re up to on a daily basis.