Sunnah, literally means path. The Sunnah, in Islam, is the path which has been
laid down by the character, manners, ritual habits, deeds, example and legislative
actions of our beloved Prophet (saw).

The Sunnah of our Holy Prophet (saw) sets a perfect example for anyone who
wishes to draw close to Allah (swt)

“Undoubtedly, you have the best in the following of the
Messenger, for him who yearns for Allah”
Quran (Surah 33: Verse 21)

It is for this very reason that all legitimate paths towards Allah (swt), in
sufism, embody the Sunnah of our beloved Prophet (saw). Becuase by following
the Sunnah one eventually becomes a loved friend of Allah (swt).

“Say, If you love Allah, follow me, Allah will love you”

Quran (Surah 3: Verse31)

At we follow the Naqshbandi Tariqah which lays a
great emphasis on following the Sunnah and acting upon the Shariah. We have
outlined some of the most important and beloved Sunnats of our Prophet (saw),
on this site, to present Muslims, especially our mureeds, with the neccessary
information to help them establish the Sunnah with due care and attention.

It may initially be difficult to adopt the Sunnah, for fear of being ridiculed,
but this is precisely why one will be greatly rewarded by Allah (swt). It has
been narrated that our Holy Prophet (saw) said:

“At the time of corruption, if one revives the Sunnah,
one will be rewarded to the equivalent of one hundred martyrs in Islam”

(Baihiqi &Targhib)

The main Sunnats emphasised and practised in our Jamaat include:

  • Daily Activities
  • Dress
  • Adornment
  • Beard
  • Imamah Sharif
  • Miswaak
  • Scarf
  • Tahajjud