The Successful Mureed

In order for a mureed to be successful he/she should adopt 20 key characteristics and qualities. These are as follows:

1. Repentance
Repent sincerely for all those things, which are out of bounds of Shariat. Whichever stage the mureed reaches he must bring repentance along with him because at each stage one commits comparative amount of sins. Repentance is a very strong root.

2. Contentment
Be content and happy upon living on bare necessity. All extra wealth in your possession should be distributed to those in need or put in the khidmat of one?s sheikh to utilise the wealth on his mureeds.

3. Isolation
Often remain in isolation and keep your heart distant from those immediately surrounding you. I.e. do not let your heart incline towards family and friends.

4. Firm & Correct Belief
Believe firmly in your Sheikh as being the best for you. Believe all that which is required from you in Islam. Stay away from bid?at and all those things which are outside shariat.

5. Abstinence
Abstain from all things which are not lawful. Be very careful about what you eat and what you wear. Do this enthusiastically and do not discontinue this once you?ve started.

6. Patient
Be patient upon all orders given to you by your sheikh and be patient upon all difficulties that approach you on this path.

7. Resilient
Do not be soft with your Nafs. Constantly battle with it and never fulfil its wish. Nafs is like a hungry lion. If you feed it, on having gained strength it will eat you too.

8. Brave
Be brave in fulfilling all orders in Islam and all orders given to you by your Sheikh. Do not be afraid of shaitan or nafs in their tricks to frighten you away from this path or away from fulfilling any order given to you.

9. Generous
To be successful in this path one must be generous. Miserliness forms a very thick Veil between yourself and your goal. One must be ready to give away your life and wealth in this path.

10. Just
Fulfil everyone?s rights according to their prominence. Be fair with everyone and let no one have to take justice from you.

11. Truthful
Be steadfast in telling the truth. Be truthful to Allah and to Allah?s creation and stay well away from lies and deception. Do not do anything secretively and whatever you do, do it solely for Allah.

12. Knowledgeable
Learn enough to spend your daily life in the way shown to you by Islam. Abstain from all that knowledge which does not benefit you in all walks of life.

13. Humble
Be humble in each and every stage that you attain, as this is the key to success. Pg 307 fs

14. Sharp-witted
Be sharp witted and alert in doing Khidmat when following your sheikh. Be ready to carry out all orders that your sheikh utters. And do not be afraid, even if you have to give your life.

15. Reprehensive
Be constantly reprehensive upon one?s own nafs. Think one-self as being the lowest of all mureeds. Whatever deed one performs one must always think it as being negligible. Even if one does not commit many sins, one must think oneself as a sinner.

16. Intelligent
One must be wise in performing all duties for his sheikh with the necessary aadabs. Do not use your own intelligence to object to or criticise any of your sheikh?s actions, speech or commands.

17. Respectful
Read and act upon all the etiquettes outlined and respect one?s sheikh to the best of your knowledge.

18. Mannerly
Be cheerful and pleasant and approach all with good manners. Be polite and courteous to your fellow mureeds. Do not put your workload upon anyone else. Keep away from pride & jealousy and always be happy & ready to do your sheikhs khidmat.

19. Submissive
Place yourself in front of your sheikh like a dead body is placed in front his washer before burial. I.e. let your sheikh do your islah as he pleases. Do not wish to have your islah done in the way you want.

20. Entrusting to one?s sheikh
Never leave the company of your sheikh even if your sheikh has asked you to leave a thousand times. Accept all trials and tribulations that come to you and do not become disheartened.