Now that you have gained Permission for Qalbi Zikr please use the videos below. Firstly close your eyes and listen to the following audio with the ears of your heart. This will activate your heart in the zikr of Allah.





Whilst the file is playing, concentrate on your heart and repeat the word “Allahu Allahu Allah” mentally within yourslef. (ie not verbally)

Continue to silently do this zikr from your heart from now on wards. Do this zikr even whilst your eating, drinking, playing and working. There is no restriction of being in a state of purity or not. And if you forget.. don’t worry.. when you next remember just start Qalbi zikr again…You should do this zikr even whilst in the bathroom.

So just concentrate on your heart, which is on the upper left side on your body, and continue to read…

Now, when you get some free time…especially after (Fajar and Isha) read the khatam Sharif and pass the rewards on (full details here: ) then sit in a relaxed position with spine upright. Close your eyes and concentrate solely on your heart. Continue breathing steadily and do Qalbi Zikr from the heart. This is called Muraqabah. Meditation.

Do this for approx 11 ~15min or more if you are capable.

If your thoughts wander, don;t worry, keep trying. Soon your thoughts will diminish and your heart will become more active in the remembrance of Allah…..

Please use the audio files available in the media gallery to help you in meditation.

Also, please take some time to learn the tasbeeh (dual beat) technique outlined in the video below. It has helped hundreds of thousands to keep focus on Allah during meditation.



Further videos using the dual beat technique are found below and in the Media Library – Audio Section.

If you do Qalbi zikr starting from now and do it with vigor.. inshAllah your heart will soon become active perpetually without any further effort! (normally takes only a few days before heart becomes perpetually alive. Times may vary according to effort & state of Qalb.)

Once your heart is alive you will feel your heart “beat” during muraqabah and you should soon, inshAllah hear, with your physical ears, your own heart say “Allah Allah Allah” That is when you will know that your heart is alive!

Then inshAllah you will see with your own eyes how quickly your circumstances change. Many have seen a great increase in wealth along with a great strength to perform good deeds. So please don’t delay… and start today!