Qalbi Zikr is the remembrance of Allah from within the heart.

It is a special & rare gift given by Allah (swt) to the very privileged of his creation. For once this gift of Qalbi Zikr was acquired, success in this life and the next was assured. Peace and tranquility would descend on one’s heart and where ever one went, Blessings & Mercy of Allah (swt) would follow.

In times gone by, this gift was acquired only after great toil, sacrifice and khidmat of one’s Sheikh. Many even died before acquiring this gift from their Spiritual Mastrers.

Times have changed. The day of judgement is drawing near and the tricks of Shaitaan have engulfed mankind in a web of lies and deceit. Those who remember Allah (swt) are few and far between.

In this desperate time only the Freinds of Allah (swt) and their close companions are saved from losing their faith in Allah (swt) and falling into the trap of Shaitaan. And it is in this time of great difficulty that the Friends of Allah (swt) have made the wealth of Qalbi Zikr available to all those who wish to acquire it. No commitment, cost or effort is asked. So all those who have even a remote love of Allah (swt) & His Rasul (saw) are blessed with this truly divine blessing.

This zikr is soo powerful that it removes all misfortune and dispels anxiety and in return brings peace & blessings in one’s life like water brings life to the earth.

This zikr outweighs other types of zikr by 70 fold! It is peformed by the true friends of Allah and those who perform this zikr are treated like kings on this earth.

InshAllah, through the barkat of this zikr you will also receive countless merits, rewards and barkat in your life, wealth and health. You will also get peace in your heart and Allah (swt) will take great care of you in this world and the next. I guarantee your needs will be met & problems will diminish and dissappear if you take good care of performing this zikr regularly.

To perform Qalbi Zikr you first need permission from a Kamil Sheikh or one fo his designated khalifas.

If you wish to gain permission and start performing Qalbi Zikr Click Here