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Qalbi Zikr: Introduction in English, Muraqaba & Guidance:

We’ve uploaded our first video in English on Youtube. Both Qalbi Zikr & Muraqaba technique has been outlined and a Muraqaba session is also performed by Faqir Saleem.

This video would prove useful for those who wish to acquire “Qalb -e- Saleem” which is a heart of peace which dwells in the love of Allah and His Rasul (Swallallahu alayhi Wasallam)

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This video explains everything that you could possibly want to know. Covers everything for those seeking to become friends of Allah (swt). Covers Qalbi Zikr, the Naqshbandi Silsilah, the friends fo Allah.

PART 1: Introduction..

PART 2: Covers Qalbi Zikr and more…

PART 3: Qalb-e-Saleem, Lataif’s etc


Getting Qalbi Zikr Ijazat

Muraqaba: Lahore Pakistan