The following Qalbi Zikr Audio Training Files have been developed to help you train your heart to remember Allah in various environments.

Each audio file contains an audible heart beat in the background.

Close your eyes and focus your mind towards your heart.

Play the “heart beat” track below and for each audible heart beat, imagine your own heart beating “Al-lah” in rhythm.



Do this continuously until you can feel your heart humming or vibrating in the zikr of Allah. Do it long enough and you will even HEAR it say Allah! It’s that simple!

Once you have mastered this use the album below so that you are trained to do Qalbi Qikr in other environments without distraction.

This method is known as the dual-beat Technique and can also be simulated with tasbeeh also. We use the tasbeeh during Muraqaba (Meditation). See the Media Audio Gallery for Muraqaba Tracks.