A Sufi saint has the following ten pillars firmly established:-

5 External Pillars

Helps his sheikh and the helpers of deen
Possesses a Certificate from his Sheikh
Worships in Solitude and often engages himself in Zikr, Fikr and Muraqabah
Has remained in the company of his Sheikh for some time.
Spends money generously and freely

5 Internal Pillars

Has full knowledge of shariat and tariqat
Fully acts upon this knowledge with truth & sincerity
Maintains a stimulated and insightful intrinsic* self.
Possesses a pure heart free from blemish & constant in the remembrance of Allah
Has attained the nearness or ?Qurb? of Allah

If any one of these are not present then one is not a Kamil Wali

*Batini Ilm