About Us


President: Hadhrat Muhammad Sardar Ahmad Naqshbandi
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Principal: Khalifa Muhammad Saleem Latif Naqshbandi
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Mission Statement: To help those who wish to become Friends of Allah, purify & illuminate their hearts & souls through love & remembrance of Allah (swt) and practise of the blessed Sunnah of our Holy Prophet (saw).
About Us:
Naqshbandia Sardaria was founded in East Asia in 1958 and named after our President Hadhrat Muhammad Sardar Ahmad Naqshbandi. Naqshbandia Sardari is one of the world’s leading schools in Sufism and has several hundred thousand disciples all over the world.Due to technological advances in the past few decades a greater number of disciples have joined from countries outside the Asia continent. We pride ourselves on providing an unprecedented level of help & support to our students who are on their path towards friendship with Allah (swt).Training of long distance disciples is done through a combination of e-mail/phone communications, training videos/audios/manuals, worksheets and various other audio/visual presentations.

Our efforts are ongoing and we always seek new innovative ways to help communicate our teachings.