Having travelled the path of Tariqat you will eventually arrive at the station
of Haqiqat (Truth). The Station of Haqiqat
also also has ten key stations. These are as follows:-

First Station: Humbleness
Humility, humbleness, modesty, meekness, self-effacement and self-negation are
the attributes of the Mureed. One should prefer to keep concealed one’s physical
and spiritual strength from the public eye.

Second Station: Belief
One should not belittle or underestimate any of 72 sects or the individuals
belonging to these sects but acknowledge that only one of them i.e. Ahle-Sunnah
wal-Jamat is on the unerring path of righteousness. Only the one having this
belief and conviction will succeed in getting near almighty Allah.

Third Station: Contentment
One should eat and drink whatever is offered to him and not hanker after delicious,
palatable and spicy dishes. It is better one content himself with the first
served food.

Fourth Station: Steadfastness
One should exert and strive along the right path without ever deviating from
that under any circumstance. One should extend help, succour and assistance
to every one among the creatures of Allah without trying to harm any body.

Fifth Station: Forgiveness
One’s heart should not harbour malice, grudge enmity and animosity against anyone.
Rather he should return good for evil endured and try one’s utmost to restore
terms and links with whom one’s relations have been severed or broken off in
the past. It is all the more advisable that one should forgo claim of any compensation
from the person who has done you wrong and damaged you financially or otherwise.

Sixth Station: Graciousness
One should not deal harshly or inhumanely with fellow Mureeds, indigent and
poor people. On the contrary, one’s attitude towards them should be characterised
with love affection, kindness and sympathy.

Seventh Station: Divine Pleasure
One’s every step along the path of righteousness and truth must be taken to
win divine pleasure rather than trying to win the good will of all and sundry.
One should eschew the evils of hypocrisy, pretence and dissimulation.

Eighth Station: Trustworthiness
One should conceal the secrets of his heart from the people by and large. If
some confidential information about others is passed on to you, one should not
divulge it to anyone. If you witness someone’s sinful act, one should take care
that it is not disclosed.

Ninth Station: Commitment
One should keep oneself engaged in prayer, supplication and hymns in praise
of Allah’ scrupulously avoiding the mention of worldly matters in the divine
remembrance, except that their mention may be for furthering the cause of religion
and providing felicity to those, afflicted with hardships.

Tenth Station: Advice & Knowledge
One’s looking askance ought to be for moralizing and administering some advice
or admonition. One should also acquire knowledge that may be beneficial and
useful as directed by the Holy Prophet (s.a.w).