Through the divine blessing of Qalbi Zikr one’s heart is purified from all sins and character blemishes which leads one to acquire all the objectives & benefits below whilst also earning the nearness, recognition and friendship of Allah (swt)!


  • Become a Friend of Allah (swt).
  • Love of Allah (swt) & Holy Prophet (saw)
  • Acquire Qalb-e-Saleem The Heart of Peace
  • Knowledge: Inner & Outer
  • Peace & Tranquility
  • Purity: Inner & Outer
  • Blessings & Reward
  • Forgiveness & Pardon
  • Success: This life & the Next
  • Spiritual Power, Strength & Insight

Spiritual Benefits:

  • Become a recognised as a friend of Allah (swt)
  • Form a strong and firm foundation upon which your faith will grow & flourish
  • Increase the level of warmth, perception & awareness of Allah (swt)
  • Shield the heart from evil thought & sinful inclinations
  • Accomplish righteous deeds with ease, vigour and passion
  • Kindle the fire of love for Allah (swt) and his Holy Prophet (saw)
  • Increase spiritual strength and vitality
  • Live a colourful life embodied with awe, respect, peace & tranquillity
  • Breath the spirit of life into the heart and be one of those who are genuinely alive

Physical Benefits:

  • Gain freedom from worldly stress, anxiety, despair & depression
  • Purify the heart from all negative attitudes & emotions
  • Loose all fear and regain a sense of security & stability
  • Taste the flavour of true success in this life & the next
  • Realise the full potential of your talents & skills
  • Boost self confidence and achieve your goals
  • Become highly focused & ambitious
  • Receive true love & respect from Allah (swt) and creation
  • Enjoy a wholesome & pure life with no regrets

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