We have compiled the following true incidents, from our own jamaat, to illustrate
the vast benefits of doing bai’ah and receiving faiz. Please read this article
to learn about faiz.

All incidents have been eye witnessed by us personally. These are not mere
“stories” passed on from gossip. These are actual events which have
taken place with the persons involved alive and well. We shall narrate one story
in each category so you can get an idea as to how extensive faiz is, and how
it can benefit you, if you join this Golden Chain.



An elderly man once came to Hadhrat Sahib with a “peeling skin” problem,
since ten years. Hadhrat Sahib prayed a few Quranic Ayahs and blew it over some
olive oil. Hadhrat then advised him to apply this oil onto his body everyday
and to top the bottle up with more olive oil before it finished and to contiue
using it.

One month later, on the regular 11th night program, he came back and was showing
Hadhrat Sahib and all the mureeds present, how he had been completely cured!
He went to the extent of lifting his lungi and showing his legs to everyone
to prove his point!! 🙂 With such delight he kissed Hadhrat Sahib’s hand and
said his skin is no longer peeling off and he became a Mureed with firm conviction
that Hadhrat sahib was a Friend of Allah (swt)

Eye sight:

A new mureed, in the home town of Bucheki, asked Hadhrat Sahib to make dua for
his son who was blind since birth. Hadhrat Sahib made dua and asked him to bring
some Kohl (Surma). The mureed did as requested and Hadhrat Sahib prayed a few
Quranic Ayahs and blew over the surma. Hadhrat Sahib then advised the mureed
to continue to apply the surma into his son’s eyes.

Time passed by and within a few months the mureed’s son gained his eyesight!!
The whole family did bai’ah and the news travelled very far after which many
others from his relations also did bai’ah. The Mureed’s son is now over 13 years
old and looks completely normal.


A mureed in Lahore called Amir Ali was a very very poor man. He heard of Hadhrat
Sahib and did bai’ah for both religious and worldy benefit. Within three years,
from bai’ah, he is now in a position where he owns a 20 Lakh ( £20,000)
business in buffalo and cow food.

Obviously he sticks to Hadhrat Sahib like glue and always offers to take Hadhrat
Sahib in his own vehicles. Even to this day he is the number one transporter
for Hadhrat Sahib. So if you ever go to visit Hadhrat Sahib in Lahore you will
surely meet him. If you do, give him my Salaams!


A couple in Sialkot could not have children. They had been trying for over 15
years. They heard about Hadhrat and how many others had benefitted so they came
over to take bai’ah in the hope they would be blessed with Children.

Hadhrat gave bai’ah and gave them 9 dry dates on which Hadhrat had recited some
Quranic Ayahs. They were advised how to use them and no sooner had the year
ended that they had their first baby girl!

Ramzaan, the father, came to Bucheki once whilst I was there. I met him and
he was in complete Sunnah. He obviously benefitted from both dunya and deen


An officer, known as Cheema, worked in Lahore the Special forces. This particular
special forces branch do jobs that the national police simply can’t do. They
fight, chase and capture teams of thugs and robbers and take care of essential
security of the country.

Before meeting Hadhrat Sahib he had just been promoted to sub-inspector of the
special forces branch. He met Hadhrat Sahib in Lahore at Herbanspura (one of
Hadhrat’s main center for tabligh). After having heard the benefits of bai’ah
and feeling an attraction towards Hadhrat he wanted to become a mureed. He was
advised to stop taking rishwat if he wanted to benefit from his Bai’ah. Cheema
agreed and took Bai’ah.

Within two months he was astounded to learn he had been promoted yet again to
Inspector of the special forces! He was bewildered & very impressed because
he knew that it would have taken almost two years before he could have reached
this position. He told Hadhrat about this event and was advised that benefits
in this world are one of the advantages of doing bai’ah and it makes the mureed
more firm in sticking with his Sheikh.

As you might well expect he his now Hadhrat’s right hand man. He is also much
more religious than he was before.

Influence of Black Magic:

As you may all well know, black magic has become a rampant activity in the sub
continent. Its normally used to mae people’s lives a misery. All due to jealousy
and hatred.

However, by doing bai’ah one is taken under the spiritual protection of the
Friends of Allah. (swt) who are in turn protected by Allah (swt). Those Mureeds
that complain of un-natural occurences etc are usually given Taweez to put around
theri necks. The problem is mostly always resolved within a short while.

Influence of Jinn:

Jinn are also the creation of Allah (swt). Hadhrat Sahib often deals with these
Jinns by asking them to leave politely, which they do because they are absolutely
scared of Hadhrat!

They recognise Hadhrat as being an Akmal wali and they NEVER cause a fuss. Some
ask to be burnt alive throgh taweez due to honour but most generally leave.

The Jinns are usually upset beacuse the human subject urinated on their food
etc However some are sent by their human masters through Black Magic and because
Hadhrat has the power to break the magic both the subject and the jinn are released!

Many have become bai’ah by beeing freed from Jinns.


Salaat, Sunnah, Shairah, Qalbi Zikr, Wilayat:

Majority of all mureeds are firm in adhering to their five times Salaat and
conforming to the sunnah with an emphasis on the beard, Imamah, miswak and qalbi
zikr. You only need to look at any of the mureeds to confirm this.


Toooo common to even give you a single story. Any mureed who has a problem with
this is given cardamom on which some Quranic Ayahs have been prayed and blown
over by Hadhrat. The mureed is to chew on them whenever he gets the urge to
smoke. Within weeks the habit of smoking is gone. This method has been effective
for thousands of Mureeds in our jamaat.


Heroin. Addictive you say? Absolutely. Take it once and you’ll be hooked for
life. However! Faraz, a Mureed in Lahore was on heroin,and even used cocaine
for good measure. He was soo smacked out of his head one night that he was about
to die.

Living close to him was one of his neighbours and Hadhrat Sahib’s very very
close mureed. He advised Faraz’s family that they should take Faraz to Hadhrat
Sahib immediately. So in the dead of night they took Faraz to Bucheki.

Hadhrat Sahib prayed a few Quranic Ayahs and blew over him. At that time Faraz’s
tounge was sticking half way out of his mouth and he was on the verge of death.
Nevertheless, morning came and Faraz’s conditon got better. As it was miraculous
just to see him alive his family became mureed..

With the use of Prayed Cardamom, in three months Faraz lost his addictiveness
to Heroin!

Having been to Lahroe recently I met Faraz. We even worked on building a bathroom
for Hadhrat Sahib at my residence in Pakistan, as he now works in a construction
firm. He has a full beard, is practising the Sunnah and is very much alive and

Obviously I was intrigued as to how someone can get off an additicve drug such
as heroin. I asked Hadhrat about it and I was told that to get someone off something
addictive you need to be give something even more addictive, so he was given
the love of Allah and Love of Rasool!


Abbas became a mureed at a very young age. He and his Uncle used to make and
sell alcohol. He lived locally to Hadhrat and would often come to pray at Hadhrat’s

One day Abbas and his Uncle were about to finish preparing seven bottles of
Alcohol. However, it was time for Salaat, so they came to Hadhrat’s place to
pray. Having finished the prayer Hadhrat walked back to his residence. Before
closing the door behind him he called Abbas and said, “Those who sell and
those who make alcohol are equal in sin” Hadhrat then closed the door and
went home.

These very words struck the core of Abbas’s heart. He made a firm intention,
there and then, that he would never make or sell any alcohol again.

He went straight back and started to smash all the bottles he & his uncle
had just prepared.

From that day till now he has never touched alcohol. Instead, Abbas is now a
popular naat Khwaan in our Jamaat.

Surprisingly he has no education, cannot read or write but has still memorised
hundreds of Naats for Meditation! We have recorded some naats and will put them
up for you to listen to!


One woman, called Parveen, in Farookabad was a habitual adultress. She would
sleep with as many as ten men in one day to satisfy her urge. She was a widow
and was very poor also.

Hadhrat Sahib was determined to set things right. So Hadhrat had her called
in to work at the Spritual center in Farookabad to prepare food, clean up etc
in return for money.

Within a few weeks at the center, and with full tawajju from Hadhrat, she started
to perform Tahajjud and became heavily engrossed in Religious worship! She was
transformed from an adultress to a humble servant in just a few weeks!


Riyasat Ali is from Sialkot. He and his wife, with the help of other comrades,
used to rob entire villages in Pakistan.They were notorious gangsters. However,
Riyasat Ali was destined for better things.

He met Hadhrat Sahib and became mureed instantly out of love for him. He left
his thieving ways and he & his Wife lived at Hadhrat’s Dergah for spiritual
faiz for almost 10 years! They were very poor and everything they were given
was from Hadhrat’s possession. Riyasat made many poems of love and praise for
Hadhrat, during this time, and many are still recited by mureeds to this day.

After ten years Hadhrat gave him permission to do tabligh in Sialkot and bring
people to the Remembrance of Allah(swt). At this moment in time he is doing
tabligh and has brought thousands of new mureeds into the jamaat. He has also
become very very rich since then.


Four Rana brothers from Farookabad were held in prison on death row for murder.
They were to be hanged for their crimes.

One of their relatives and close Mureed advised Hadhrat of their position and
their desire to be granted pardon for their sins by doing bai’ah.

Hadhrat then met the brothers in jail where they all did bai’ah. Amazingly,
it hadn’t even been a few days before they were all pardoned by the court and
set free!!!!

This miraculous event made their faith in Hadhrat even more stronger. It doesn’t
stop there, this event was then followed by their first ever local election
vistory in Farookabad!

As you can see, they truly did benefit from doing bai’ah and gaining faiz. Not
only did they get their life back, they were pardoned for murder and even won
local elections!