It is of the utmost importance to be able to recognise a Kamil Wali.

When you come to know of a Kamil wali go and visit him with eagerness. Keep your intentions free from prejudice and do not go to scrutinise, to debate or endeavour to test him in any way.

Visit him with sincerity and sit respectfully when you arrive at his residence. Observe his character, manners and qualities from a religious viewpoint.

A genuine Kamil Wali should possess virtues such as those listed in the ?Genuine? column below and none of those, which are listed in the Impostor column.

Firm in performing their regular five times Salaat on time in congregation Some offer their Salaat from time to time. Most do not pray at all.
Wear white, green or black turbans on top of their topi. Remain bareheaded most of the time. Occasionally wear a topi.
Wear only white sunnat Islamic dress Wear silk, gold & fashionable clothes
Maintain a full beard (ie one fist long) Either have a small or shaved beard
Polite and courteous Rude and selfish
Always speak the truth & often stay silent Tell lies and talk excessively
Humble & disciplined Arrogant & insolent
Patient & generous Intolerant & miserly
Fear Allah Fear Creation
Preserve and uphold all shariat laws Violate and defy the laws of shariat
Observe complete purdah from women & young girls Sit happily amongst women & young girls without purdah
Never ask for money for their own needs Demand money from their mureeds
Possess full knowledge of Islam Possess little or no knowledge of Islam
Concentrate their efforts on bringing the creation back to Allah Concentrate their efforts on collecting the material wealth of this world
Offer Supplication & taweez free of charge Demand money for making dua or taweez
Never touch women in any way or form Embrace and shake the hands of women

The main experience felt in the presence of a Kamil Wali is that upon seeing him you remember Allah. Whilst sat in his presence, your heart gains peace & tranquillity and you begin to love Allah and his rasool Muhammad (Swallallahu-alayhi-wasalam) and forget the worries of this world.