Inorder to succeed on this path one’s connection to one’s Sheikh is of utmost importance. If your connection begins to turn sour, so inturn your connection to Allah (swt) & His Rasul will turn sour.

Seven stages of destruction for a mureed:




If a mureed does any action or deed, which is disliked by the peer or is makrooh and the peer turns his face away, in displeasure, from the mureed then this is the first step towards destruction for the mureed. This step is called the Objection phase.

If the mureed realises his mistake, apologises and gives up the disliked action / deed then this objection will lead the mureed out of destruction and into success & prosperity. The union of peer-mureed will remain in-tact. If, on the other hand, the mureed persists on displeasing his peer then he will fall into the second step called the Blockade phase.



In this phase the mureed excludes him self from sitting in the presence of his peer. Hence a virtual veil is formed in-between the mureed and his peer. If even upon this stage the mureed is not sorrowful nor does he apologise then this will leave the mureed into the phase of separation.



In this phase the peer him self will sever all connections with this mureed. If at this stage the mureed is not vigilant then this will further lead him astray into the phase of degeneration.



In this phase there will be a noticeable defect in the mureed?s optional worship, his zikr and other waza?if taught to him by his peer. If at this stage the mureed still does not refrain from displeasing his peer then the phase of devastation will become apparent.



In this phase the mureed will become very lazy in offering his obligatory prayers and his ability to submit to Allah?s will, along with the sweet taste of submission, will diminish from within the mureed?s heart. If the mureed at this stage does not repent then contentment will befall upon him.


In this phase there is no pain or remorse felt by the mureed on account of missing obligatory prayers. On the contrary, the mureed?s heart is satisfied and content at this and at the separation from his peer. If the mureed continues to dwell in this state of ignorance and laziness then hostility towards his peer will grow within the mureed?s heart.



In this final phase the mureed will turn into a bitter enemy and will be a hostile enemy towards his peer.

May Allah (swt) save us all.