Spiritual Faiz is ultimately light (called Noor in urdu). It is constantly being passed down from
Allah (swt) to His Beloved Prophet (saw) to distribute.

If one has joined a sufi order in which the golden chain goes back to our Holy
Prophet (saw) then one can become a recipient of this noor. If one does not
do bai’ah or never goes to meet a Friend of Allah (swt) one can never hope to
attain this noor and therefore cannot hope to acheive much in this life or the

Allow us to explain:

Electricity gives “life” to electronic goods. An electric current
is either delivered by:

1) Mains High Voltage: Fridge freezer, microwave, PC etc
2) Battery Low Voltage: Mobile phone, mp3 player, walkman, clock, camera

Similarly faiz (noor) also gives “life”, but in this case it gives
life to one’s success in this life and/or the next. There are two types of faiz:

1) Faiz for the World (Dunya Faiz) Low Power:
This helps one to have children if one does not have any, be successful in business,
become rich, famous etc

2) Faiz for one’s Religion (Deen Faiz) High Power:
This helps one succeed in being steadfast in performing Prayer, Conforming to
Shariah, Acting upon the Sunnah, Refraining from sinful activities etc

Distribution of Faiz:

A Sheikh can only distribute faiz according to his status. A sheikh is either
Incomplete or Complete.

i) An incomplete Sheikh is called a Majzoob. He can only distribute Dunya

ii) A complete Sheikh is called a Kamil Sheikh. There are three ranks
of Kamil Sheikhs. All three can distribute BOTH deen and dunya faiz.

The three ranks are as follows:

1) A Kamil Sheikh: one who is complete
2) A Mukammal Sheikh: one who is perfect
3) An Akmal Sheikh: one who is the most perfect Wali.

The difference is that an Akmal Sheikh, who is at the highest rank, can distribute
faiz to the lower Mukammal & Kamil Sheikhs. So it is often the case that
a Kamil sheikh will do bai’ah to an Akmal Sheikh just for faiz.

Our murshid at zikr.co.uk is an AKMAL sheikh. We are very very fortunate
to have met an Akmal Friend fo Allah (swt). To learn more about our Murshid
please visit the About Hadhrat Section.

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