I’ll try to keeo this short and simple.

Islam has made permissible nikah (Marriage) and has forbidden all other sorts of relationships.

If you have a relationship that is outside marriage we would encourage you to turn it into a halal one in a simple, pain free process which takes no more than a few moments.

Ingredients for a halal relationship:

1) A proposal
2) An acceptance
3) 2 witnesses (friends or family) Either two male witnesses or one male and two female witnesses


Now tell me.. how difficult is this?? It’s more or less the same as dating…

Except the proposal is for marriage and not for dinner.

So in conclusion, stick to nikah. Dating is for losers. 🙂

If you are finding it hard to find a suitable partner, then email us. Perhaps we may be able to help. No promises, but we will try inshAllah.