Verily, those who believe, those who are Jews, Christians, Sabians, whoever believes in Allah and the Last Day and does righteous good deeds shall have their reward with their Lord, on them shall be no fear, nor shall they grieve.
Quran (Surah 2: Verse 62)

Qalbi Zikr literally means “Heart in Remembrance”. Remembrance referring to the remembrance of our Lord Almighty.

When the heart is in this state of constant remembrance, or zikr, it is blessed with countless bounties and one who carries such a heart is favoured over other creation.

The most favoured blessing is that there is no Grief or Fear for those who have a heart alive in the remembranc of their Lord Almighty. For they are known as the Friends of the Almighty Lord and, as such, their hearts are freed from all evil desires and sinful inclinations. They are protected from the accursed Satan. And best of all they are in complete peace and tranquility immersed in total love of their Lord Almighty.

Fortunately, Qalbi Zikr can be performed by anyone with or without any underlying beliefs. For this type of remembrance will lead one to the Lord Himself and as such one will never go astray. So no matter what you believe you may start Qalbi Zikr.

In all the Heavenly Scriptures we are advised to remember the NAME of our Lord during Qalbi Zikr. So we, as Muslims, mentally repeat the word “Allah” within our hearts.

This name and method of zikr, however, is not just confined to Muslims. Christians, in the middle east for instance, also use the name “Allah” in their arabic bible. So using the name “Allah” for the Lord Almighty is not new in Christianity, especially not for the millions of Christians in the arab world.

So if you’re ready to become a Friend of Allah….let’s begin!

But before we do.. you should know that inorder to start performing Qalbi Zikr one first needs to gain permission from one who is authorised to issue it. This is because qalbi Zikr leads one onto a spiritual path and only a spiritual guide who has travelled this path to Allah can lead others along it.

Luckily, we have been given the opportunity to issue Qalbi Zikr through our Spiritual Master Hadhrat Muhammad Sardar Ahmad Naqshbandi. So….

On the authority of my Spiritual Master Hadhrat Muhammad Sardar Ahmad, I Faqir Saleem, grant you the reader, permission to perform Qalbi Zikr.

To perform Qalbi Zikr please concentrate on your heart and repeat the word “Allah Allah Allah” mentally within yourslef. (ie not verbally)

Your heart is on the upper left side of your body…so continue to focus on your heart and mentally repeat Allah Allah Allah from now onwards.

You are to continue this for the next few days even as you’re walking, talking, eating, drinking, playing or working.

There is also NO restriction of being in a particular place or position. So no matter what state you are in, you should start to perform this zikr from now onwards.

When you get some free time, ideally in the early morning or late evening, sit in a relaxed position with spine upright. Close your eyes, concentrate on your heart, breath steadily and do Qalbi Zikr from the heart.

This dedicated form of Qalbi Zikr is called “Muraqabah” or Meditation in English.

Do this for approx 11 ~15 min or more if you are capable.

If it becomes difficult to keep the mind focused on the heart or your thoughts wonder, don’t worry! Keep practising. Your thoughts will soon diminish and your heart will become more active.

To help you do muraqabah, please use the meditation files available in the media support library at

Also, please take some time to learn the tasbeeh (dual beat) technique outlined in the media library as it helps you keep focused on the heart. You may keep us informed on your progress if you wish.

If you do qalbi zikr as often as possible during the next few days your heart will soon become active PERPETUALLY without any further effort!

Once your heart is alive you will feel your heart “beat” during meditation and soon you will hear it say Allah Allah Allah with your physcial ears.

Your prayers will readily be accepted and you will have a LOT of positive energy flowing through you. You won’t really know what to do with it except perhaps cry in joy.

Then even when you are asleep your heart will continue its zikr. Once alive, it will NEVER die. Even if you die, the heart continues to perform zikr. Your flesh will not be eaten by the earth in burial and you will become a true Friend of Allah. Then ask for what you wish and your lord shall grant it.

This zikr is VERY effective in cleaning the heart and you will soon notice your behaviour change. Any undesirables like lust, greed, jealousy etc will diminish and become under control.

Not only will your concentration span increase, your spiritual strength and your vigour in performing good deeds will also increase.

All other bad habits will also diminish and good changes will begin to flourish in your life.

So please begin the zikr now.. and make firm intention never to stop trying until your heart says Allah.

Our prayers our with you.

All the best!