One who seeks to acquire the love of Allah (swt), and has joined a sufi order, is called a mureed, sufi, saalik, disciple or spiritual seeker. We will use the word “mureed” on our site.

This website was developed to help Muslims, especially our mureeds, learn both the theoretical and practical aspects of Sufism. As a general rule there are FOUR areas in which we expect our Mureeds to take firm steps to establish:

1) Fulfill all duties outlined in Sharia; Salaat; Zakaat; Hajj etc
2) Practise the Sunnah of our Holy Prophet (saw)
3) Love & Hold Reverence for one’s Sheikh
4) Perform Zikr as directed by one’s Sheikh

The first two have been covered in Shairah: Islamic Law & The Blessed Sunnah

The lower two are specific to our Jamaat so we have included them within this section called the Mureed handbook.

Other mureeds may also find some of the information useful but is likely to benefit our Mureeds more as this section includes Shijra Sharif and Khatam Sharif which is unique to our Jamaat.

So if you are a mureed or wish to become a mureed and are interested in learning more about what is to be expected of you, please take a look at this section.

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us.