This section holds all the media files to help you get your heart in the zikr of Allah.

There will soon be many “Meditation” (muraqaba) audio files to help you practise your meditation technique & help you attain the living Qalb (heart. But before you start on the meditation files, please follow the “Getting Started” guide on the left. All the best.


This is an audio clip of our Hadhrat Sahib activating the heart by repeating the words “Allahu Allahu Allah”. (Size 812kb Length: 51 seconds, Format: mp3)

Qalbi Zikr Activation(Hadhrat Muhammad Sardar Ahmad)

Qalbi Zikr Activation (close your eyes and let your heart listen)

This was recorded when Hadhrat was giving permission to a new mureed, by placing his blessed finger on the mureed’s heart, and reciting “Allahu Allahu Allah”. (Hadhrat only recited this once, but we duplicated it to last 51 seconds in the clip above)

This is the voice of a Kamil, Muqammal and Akmal Wali! If you close your eyes and listen carefully your heart will activate and start doing zikr.

Simple Meditation:

Simple meditation(Hadhrat Muhammad Sardar Ahmad)

Meditation file : Concentrate on your heart with your eyes closed and listen to this meditation file in a quiet room

Once you have your heart activated using the first activation file, please use the meditation file to make the zikr in your heart more firm. All you need to do is close eyes and concentrate on your heart whilst listening to the meditation file. Try and do this in a quite room with maybe headphones as they’ll help to cut out other noise.

If your heart becomes heavy, starts to humm/buzz, you feel a pain in your upper left chest, see lights or want to start to cry or jump up and say Allah, then these are all signs of Sprititual Faiz.

You would do VERY well doing more meditation with the files below.. and please let us know how you get on!

For those who have not got any satisfaction from their meditation please continue to do it until your heart becomes clean and is remembering Allah (swt). Don’t lose hope.. it sometime takes several sessions before it kicks in.

Tasbeeh Meditation:

The picture, on the left, is of a large beaded tasbeeh. We use this as a focusing aid in meditation. It was introduced by one of the Friends of Allah within our golden chain and has continued down to this day.

The beads are rotated in such a fashion that they make a continuous beating noise. Upon focusing on this noise one is to imagine each double beat sounding like the word “All-lah All-lah All-lah”

So although the beads make a “tuk-tek tuk-tek” sound, one imagines the word “All-lah All-lah All-lah ” emanating and resounding within one’s heart.

Use the video below and try meditating, using this technique.



Tasbeeh Dual Technique Meditation file.

Get used to hearing it.. as all the meditations, in our chain use this tasbeeh in the background. Once you have this technique in place you will enjoy the various tastes of meditation that we have in store for you.

Flavoured Meditation:

We will now introduce you to your first Flavoured Meditation. This is how we do meditation at Hadhrats Khanqah.

The first file is a 22 minute meditation file which uses the tasbeeh technique above plus vocal to enhance the flavour of Meditation.

Technique: Simply close your eyes and concentrate your heart on Allah (swt) as described above in the Tasbeeh technique. It’s 22minutes long so find a comfy position and try not to move around whilst meditating and allow faiz, which is noor, to enter your heart.

Muraqaba Files: 











Hadhrat Sahib – Muraqaba Length: 22min