Pictured Above: Hadhrat Muhammad Sardar Ahmad Naqshbandi (d.b) more pics…
Hadhrat’s Murshid: Hadhrat Khwaja Muhammad Abdul Ghaffar (r.a)
Spiritual Lineage: Shijra Sharif Urdu | English
Type of Sheikh: Kamil, Muqammal & Akmal Noorul Huda Sheikh.
Khalifa Since: ~ 1958
Date of Birth: 30th June 1930
Nationality: Pakistani
Age: 81
Marital Status: Married with children
Qualification: Grand Master of Naqshbandi Tariqah, Alim & Mufti
Disciples: Spiritual Guide for over 1 Million Mureeds worldwide


Hadhrat’s Certificate
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Hadhrat Muhammad Sardar Ahmad is the number one Khalifa of Hadhrat Khawaja Muhammad Abdul Ghaffar (r.a).

Hadhrat Sahib acquired the knowledge of Shairat, Tariqat, Marifat and Haqiqat and given full khilafat, with certificate of approval, at the age of just 28!

It should be noted that ALL Kamil & Akmal Sheikhs, who are designated successors of their Murshid, will have a certificate of approval from their Sheikh.

The certificate on the left shows clearly that there is no doubt in the

authority given to our Murshid by Hadhrat Muhammad Abdul Ghaffar (r.a). So rest assured you are seeing a TRUE AKMAL WALI OF ALLAH!

An Akaml Wali is the closest and the most favoured among the Friends of Allah (swt). There are very few of them on the world. It is these Wali’s who can give faiz to Kamil Sheikhs so that they can draw closer to Allah (swt) and have their ranks raised.

Hadhrat Sahib is settled in Bucheki, Punjab on orders from his Sheikh. This was the first spiritual markaz, built by Hadhrat Sahib, which is present to this day.

Now, over 48 years later, there are 7 Spiritual Centers dotted around Pakistan and over 500,00 mureeds in Pakistan alone and as one would expect mureeds are benefitting from both Deen and Dunya faiz which is flowing abundantly through Hadhrat Sahib. Learn about faiz

To highlight some of the benefits of faiz received by Hadhrat’s own mureeds we have compiled a short list of both deen and dunya related incidents. Please Click Here to learn more about these various incidents. it will give you an idea as to the extensive benefits of bai’ah and faiz.

Hadhrat Sahib is also on FULL tawaakul. Hadhrat Sahib does not go out to earn a living nor does he ask anyone for money. But it is amazing to see that even after 48 years there is no shortage of wealth. It is even more amazing to see that every week Hadhrat holds a program, in various markaz around Pakistan, after which over 1000 mureeds are fed absolutely FREE! We can barely feed a family of four even after working all week!

Hadhrat Sahib also does not sit with women. All women who do bai’ah are kept behind purdah. This is an established fact and can be verified by anyone within the Jamaat.

Hadhrat Sahib lives strictly on taqwa. Food is prepared by those who are in ablution, pray five times salaat and offer their tahajjud prayer. Not only does Hadhrat take care of what he eats but also on what he wears, what actions he performs and what actions he refrains from.

Hadhrat Sahib has both external and batini knowledge. Many hundreds of miracles have been attributed to Hadhrat Sahib, far too numerous to list here. However, the king of miracles ie following Shariah and Sunnah. is not just evident in Hadhrat Sahib but also in 90% of the jamaat! A true sign of an Akmal Sheikh!

You only need to see one of Hadhrat’s mureeds to realise that faiz is both affluent and abundant in this silsila.To see a list of the various benefits of bai’ah & faiz please click here.