After one is initiated as a mureed, one’s Sheikh will hand over a copy of the
Shijra Sharif to the mureed.

A Shijra Sharif contains the names of all the Friends of Allah (swt), in your
chain, starting from our Holy Prophet (saw) all the way down to your Sheikh.

It is by virtue of these Friends of Allah (swt) that you will receive spiritual
faiz and barkah.

By virtue of the daily recitation of the Shijra Sharif, one’s spiritual connection
will remain afresh and serve to create a sense of love for each of the Friends
of Allah (swt) within the chain.

Also by reading one’s Shijra often, one is repeatedly renewing one’s Bai’at,
reaffirming one’s convictions and displaying love for the Friends of Allah (swt),
all of which bring great results in this world and the hereafter. Rest assured,
that by remembering the Friends of Allah (swt) you are in turn being remembered
and will remain in the protecting and affectionate spiritual gaze of your Masters.

The following constitutes our Shijra Sharif, which should be recited by our
mureeds, atleast once a day. Preferably after Salaatul Fajr or after Salaatul

English Shijra Sharif: Click here to download (Size: 133Kb, Format: PDF)

Urdu/Farsi Shijra Sharif:

View the above Shijra Sharif in full size. Ideal for printing.
(File Size: 4.3MB)