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It has been narrated that:

"The houses where zikr is practiced shine unto the dwellers of the Heaven, as do the stars shine to the inhabitants of the Earth."

Venue: Arrange a suitable venue location and seek permission from those in charge of the Mosque/Hall/Home etc. Invite them to visit our website to learn more about us. Once all key members are happy please move on to the next step.
Date/Time: Message Us to confirm a date and time. You'll need to provide us with your contact details and Venue Address.

Invite Others: Once a date and time has been booked, invite others to attend.

  • Remember to invite your close friends and family.
  • Ask the imam to make an announcement during Jumma if the programme is held at Mosque.
  • We can also design and print posters for you to help you promote awareness of the Majlis.
Participate in the Programme: Event Outline:

  • Formal introduction given by Imam/One in Charge
  • Qiraat - Qur'an Recited by local Qari/Us
  • Khatam Sharif read by all
  • Introduction and method to perform Qalbi Zikr outlined
  • Permission granted to perform Qalbi Zikr
  • Qalbi Zikr Mehfil (Muraqaba) performed
  • Dua & final guidance given to all
  • Questions answered
  • Food served**

The whole program should last no more than 45 mins. (1hour 15 min)

Please Note:

  • There are no charges/fees invloved. We perform Qalbi Zikr Mehfils Fisabilillah.
  • We are happy to cover all our own travelling expenses.
  • **We are happy to pay for food to be cooked and distributed to those who attend the gatherings.
  • Purdah is always observed and a polite request is made that a purdah should be in place if Sisters are to be present in any Zikr gathering.

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