Whether you see it or not, whether you believe it or not, everything in the universe is praising Allah. When you find the truth, you can see it. All things are praising Allah, by turning, by vibration, by motion. So are you, all human beings, all of the animals, everybody. Your heart says Al-lah, Al-lah, Al-lah – this is how it beats.

Can you live without breathing? You cannot. Allah says in Quran-i Karim (Generous Qur’an), “We put the summary of what you do around your neck.” What do we have around our necks? There’s a voicebox and an air passage. Each time we breath: hhhu, hhhu, hhhu – this hhhu is the name of Allah, Hu. In Judaism it’s Ya Hu Wah, in Islam, Ya Hu. You are saying His name, whether you want to or not. This is the way your body makes zikr, the remembrance of Allah. Allah gave you the ability to control some things, and expects you to join the cosmos and use your body willingly, consciously, and knowingly by making zikr. Although you are already making zikr involuntarily, put your consciousness there now: Hu, Hu, Hu. Alter it a little bit and make it your own. This is what Allah is expecting from you.

When you know the truth – that there is God and there is you – you have a responsibility to uphold the truth. Allah created the whole universe for a purpose, including you. If you know this purpose, and act according to it, you will be in harmony with Allah’s purpose and you will be happy. Happiness is centered in the heart. It is the heart taking control of the brain. If your heart is happy, everywhere else within you is happy. Allah says in the Holy Qur’an, “Hearts find peace only with the zikr of Allah.” If you want peace in your heart, you have to make zikr. If you want peace in your brain, you have to surrender. Shut the mind up and surrender it to your heart.


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