People in all walks of life are searching for happiness,
peace and tranquillity. Black & white, old & young, each
and every person wants to be at peace.

“Verily! Only in the Zikr of Allah will your
heart find peace.”

Quran (Surah 13: Verse 28)


Zikr, pronounced Dhi-kar, means remembrance. It is
often associated with Allah to mean “Remembrance of Allah”.On this site you will learn about the importance, virtues and purpose of Zikr, especially Qalbi Zikr.

   The Principles of Zikr
Importance of Zikr

of Zikr:

If something is of great value; brings about a significant change; makes
a contribution which is crucial & extremely vital in life; you can
call it important. We are now left with one question: Is Zikr Important?

Purpose of Zikr

Purpose of Zikr:

When starting to practise zikr one should have one’s thoughts directed
and determined to achieve a desired goal. Zikr only has one true purpose
but there are seven paths which lead one to reach the ultimate goal.

Virtues of Zikr:

Virtues of all good deeds are numerous and pleasing. but none can even
remotely compare to the vast blessings, gifts, grace, stations, peace
and tranquility received by one who performs Zikr. Learn more about the
blessings that await you

Virtues of Zikr

of Zikr:

Different people have different tastes. As Zikr is for everyone, you are
sure to find a type of Zikr which suits you the most. Each form of Zikr
has its own blessings and beauty, but all forms of zikr lead you to the
sweetest of them all. more..

Types of Zikr