Through the divine blessing of Qalbi Zikr one’s heart
is purified from all sins and character blemishes which leads one to
acquire all the objectives & benefits below whilst also earning
the nearness, recognition and friendship of Allah (swt)!


Become a Friend of Allah (swt).

Love of Allah (swt) & Holy Prophet (saw)

Acquire Qalb-e-Saleem The Heart of Peace

Knowledge: Inner & Outer

Peace & Tranquility

Purity: Inner & Outer

Blessings & Reward

Forgiveness & Pardon

Success: This life & the Next

Spiritual Power, Strength & Insight
Spiritual Benefits:

Become a recognised as a friend of Allah (swt)

Form a strong and firm foundation upon which your faith will grow &

Increase the level of warmth, perception & awareness of Allah (swt)

Shield the heart from evil thought & sinful inclinations

Accomplish righteous deeds with ease, vigour and passion

Kindle the fire of love for Allah (swt) and his Holy Prophet (saw)

Increase spiritual strength and vitality

Breath the spirit of life into the heart and be one of those who are genuinely

Live a colourful life embodied with awe, respect, peace & tranquillity
Physical Benefits:

Gain freedom from worldly stress, anxiety, despair & depression

Purify the heart from all negative attitudes & emotions

Loose all fear and regain a sense of security & stability

Taste the flavour of true success in this life & the next

Realise the full potential of your talents & skills

Boost self confidence and achieve your goals

Become highly focused & ambitious

Receive true love & respect from Allah (swt) and creation

Enjoy a wholesome & pure life with no regrets
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