Zikr.co.uk has had over 27,000 visits to our website & nearly 200,000 page views since the start of this year alone! We are growing at a very fast pace and are enjoying great success in propagating the remembrance of Allah (swt) throughout the world.

We are now looking for a site sponsor who will benefit from our continued growth and success which intrun will help fund our activities and development.

Our sponsor will be benefit from advertisement on our website, literature, leaflets, calendars and various other promotional material.

Other benefits Include:

  1. Your investment is multiplied a minimum of ten times and returned to you within your own lifetime (Hadith)
  2. Your investment is multiplied a minimum of seventy times and reserved for you in the life hereafter (Hadith)
  3. An equal share of rewards from all those who learn & begin to perform Qalbi Zikr, observe Salaat and start to live righteous lives after having visiting this site. (Hadith)
  4. Your name recorded amongst the Friends of Allah, even though you may be an open sinner.(Hadith)
  5. You, your family and your business will be remembered closely in the prayers of the friends of Allah who run this humble site and organisation
  6. Your company name, business logo & link will be displayed, prominently on our website and on all our published material.

If you need any further information or would like to become our sponsor, please contact us.