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of Zikr

Purpose of Zikr:

1) Love: For Allah & His Rasul
2) Knowledge: Inner & Outer
3) Peace & Tranquility
4) Purity: Inner & Outer
5) Blessings & Reward
6) Forgiveness & Pardon
7) Success: In this life & the next
8) Spiritual Strength

Importance of Zikr:

The right of Allah (swt)
Graph of Importance
The purpose of Mankind
Better Safe than Sorry

Virtues of Zikr:

Rewards Gained in this worldly life
Benefits to be received in the Hereafter

Types of Zikr:

Sufi orders & types of Zikr
Verbal Zikr: Doorway to the Heart
Qalbi Zikr: The living Heart

Friends of Allah


Friends of Allah
Their Characteristics, Status & Role
Visiting a Friend of Allah (swt)
The Golden Chain of Command

Recognising a Wali:

The 10 Pillars of Tasaawuf
Qualities of a Friend of Allah (swt)
Spotting the Imposter: Definitive Guide

Bait: Pledge of Allegiance

Understanding the concept
Selecting a Murshid
Kamil Murshid v Akmal Murshid
Procedure for Bait: Men & Women
Rules & Regulations
First & Economy Class Mureeds

Frequently Asked Questions

Common Misconceptions

Disciple’s Guide

The Basic Qualities:

Survival Guide
Aadaab’s for a Successful Mureed
7 Batini Aadaabs
20 Qualities of a Mureed
Practical Essentials
Tips for quick progression

Your First Lesson

Zikr & Meditation

Suhbat: Till death do we part

Lessons from the past