We have written this article to introduce and enlighten
our visitors to the three primary duties that we perform.

First Duty: Teach Qalbi Zikr.

This includes introducing people to the Remembrance of Allah (swt) in
general and Qalbi Zikr in particular.

After introducing the seeker to Qalbi Zikr, permission to perform this
zikr is then given. It should be noted that permission needs to be sought
before performing this type of zikr.

Permission to perform this zikr involves:

1) Affirming a few kalimats of belief and taubah
2) Receiving permission to perform the zikr either by Qalbi Zikr
injection or by verbal acknowledgement.

A Qalbi Zikr injection is where the shahaadat (index) finger of the Sheikh
is placed on the seeker’s heart whilst the Sheikh recites “Allaaahu
Allaaahu Allah”. By doing this, the Sheikh will activate the Zikr
within the seeker’s heart.

For the sisters, permission is given merely by verbal acknowledgement
that Qalbi Zikr permission has been granted.

The seeker is then advised on how to keep the Zikr alive within the heart
and how to progress in purifying the heart using the meditation technique.
One is also advised of the harmful actions that will nullify the zikr
and of the actions that will sustain/increase the quality & quantity of Zikr.

For this first duty the seeker does not need to become a mureed (disciple)
& it is absolutely free for those who seek to acquire it.

It should be noted that one who does the Qalbi Zikr, as instructed, one’s
heart will become purely clean & become alive in the Remembrance of
Allah (swt) this is called a Living Heart. (“Zindah Baa Qudah”
is the urdu term)

One might even the heart say Allah Allah Allah… this truly will be a
magical day for you.

If one then wishes to form a stronger union with the Sheikh, to benefit
further, one is advised to take bai’at, known as oath of Allegiance

Second Duty: Take Bai’at on behalf of Hadhrat Muhammad Sardar Ahmad

Bai’at is a simple ceremony where one places one’s hands in the hands
of the Khalifa or Sheikh. The same Kalimahs of belief and taubah are read
by the Sheikh and repeated by the mureed, but this time with affirmation
and intention of becoming bai’at.

Sister(s) become Bai’at behind purdah and the connection is made by using
a cloth whereby one end of the cloth is held by either party. Here also
the same Kalimahs of belief & Taubah are read with affirmation and
intention of becoming bai’at.

Bai’at can also be performed, without holding the cloth, by merely repeating
the kalimahs read by the Sheikh with intention of becoming bai’at.

Third Duty: Look after the spiritual welfare of the Mureeds

Once introduced into the Jamaat, our jamaat is known as Ghaffari Jamaat,
our duty includes teaching everything one whould need to know to be successful
on this path…

Shariah, Quran (including recitation), Sunnah, Qalbi Zikr, Meditation
techniques and Discipline.

This, as one would expect, is all taught with love, sympathy, care and

At present we fulfill our duties by doing tabligh through our website,
www.zikr.co.uk and through our close
links to Iqra Education Center, which is based on Kent street, Preston.

We use the education center to teach Qalbi Zikr and hold other Programmes
to invite others to the remembrance of Allah (swt)

We hope this articale has given you an insight as to what
our duties are and how we are carrying them out.