26.01.13 Updates – Now on FacebookAll our updates will now take place through Facebook!

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27.06.12 New Site – Islam.org.ukWe’ve been quietly working on our new site – Islam.org.uk!

It’s going to host some pretty fantastic resources on there and we’re working around the clock to make an impressive members area!

Do remember to “Like” the site when you’re over there. We really need it to go viral before Ramadhan as it really is going to be the true leader in Islamic websites! inshAllah! 🙂

29.02.12 Qalbi Zikr VideoWe’ve uploaded our first video in English on Youtube. Both Qalbi Zikr & Muraqaba technique has been outlined and a Muraqaba session is also performed by Faqir Saleem.

This video would prove useful for those who wish to acquire “Qalb -e- Saleem” which is a heart of peace which dwells in the love of Allah and His Rasul (Swallallahu alayhi Wasallam)

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11.02.12 Hadith Audio BookWe’re really pushing the boundaries with our technical abilities. Take a look at our  fantastic new interactive audio software: Interactive Audio Book

… and let your mouth water thinking about all the endless possibilities it will bring!

p.s. your kids will love it!


24.01.12  Qalbi Zikr Live Online!Qalbi Zikr is now aired live online each day. Click here to learn how to join in!


31.08.11  Eid Mubarak!
28.08.11  Preparations for Eid  Well the blessed month of Ramadhan is nearly coming to an end. We’ve got a page up that highlights how you should spend your Eid Night and Eid day, and the following days in Shawwal. Also outlines how to pray the Eid Salaah.

Click here to learn more..

20.08.11  Sunni Bahishti Zewar
One of the most important books to have at home, now brought online for all to benefit from. Includes a whole section on Aqeedah (Beliefs) taken from Bahar-e-Shariat. It’s also in English!

The contents of this book are vary varied. It covers rulings for almost everything an everyday Muslim needs.

We’ve worked hard to add a decent Table of Contents too, so you can jump
straight to the topic you’re interested in. (To load the Table of
Contents you need to press the lower left button)

Click Here to go the newly published online Sunni Bahishti Zewar book. Don’t forget to like and share with friends!

15.08.11  Dream Interpretation
We had dream interpretation before, but that was just a taster! Now we’ve got the whole Dictionary of Dreams online. We’ve jazzed it up with the usual page flip effects but we’ve ALSO added the ability to search for a word within the whole book! This makes the whole Dream Interpretation thing a whole lot easier.

Click Here to go the new online Dream Interpretation book. Don’t forget to like and share with friends!

12.08.11  Muraqaba Files!
We know this is long overdue but better late than never!

Click Here to go to our Audio section. At the bottom of that page are the Muraqaba Files. There’s now five Muraqaba files to choose from!

We are also soon going to upload a range of islamic books, one by one, so stay tuned and keep up with your zikr!.

31.07.11  Ramadhan Mubarak!
A reminder is always beneficial for the believers so Click Here to remind yourself and perhaps your children about the importance of this month.

We have a whole online book dedicated to this month so make the most of it whilst you can…you may not get to see another Ramadhan.

Definetly work on your heart this month. Do your Qalbi Zikr, you’ll see results much quicker inshAllah!

30.07.11  Interactive Amma Now Ready! We’ve just completed the Interactive Amma!

So once you’ve mastered reading Arabic using our Interactive Ahsanul Qawaid, move onto learning Juz Amma. (30th Supara of the Quran). Juz Amma has small and easy Surahs that you need for Salaah.


Click image above to get to our Interactive Amma, turn to any page and click on any ayah. As the Qari recites the verse the word or phrase will be highlighted to show you where the Qari is.

Just click, listen, follow and learn!

It will soon be available on the iQari.co.uk shop.

27.07.11 iQari Shop – We’ve just launched our iQari shop! All our interactive products will be available to purchase and download from there. 




15.07.11 Shabe-baraat – Introduction and guidance on special prayers for the night. (Includes Salaatul Tasbeeh) Don’t miss out on the benefits of this auspicious night. Click here to learn more.
2.07.11  To learn about what additions we have in store for you, take a look at our coming soon section!