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is free software released under the GNU General Public License. A copy
of this license is included with your copy of Mambo and can also be
found at https://www.fsf.org/licenses/gpl.html. Unofficial translations can also be found at https://www.fsf.org/licenses/translations.html.


1. Who owns the copyright to Mambo?
The copyright to the Mambo brand and logo is held by Mambo Foundation,
a non profit corporation organized under the laws of Australia and run
by the membership. Copyrights in the code are owned by the authors. You
should be aware that under the GPL who holds the copyright to the code
bears little relation to the use of the code. The terms of the GPL,
rathe than copyright law, spell out how the code may be used,
modified,  and distributed.

2. Are there any restrictions to your use of Mambo?
The GNU GPL grants you the freedom to use the software for whatever purpose you see fit.

3. May I charge money to distribute Mambo?
The GPL allows everyone the freedom to do this. The right to charge
money to distribute Mambo is part of the definition of “free” software.
When people think of “selling software”, they usually imagine doing it
the way most companies do it, making the software ‘proprietary’ rather
than free. So to avoid ambiguity, you may charge to distribute the
software and any other service you provide along the way. You may not
charge for the software itself. Remember if someone pays your fee, the
GPL also gives him or her the freedom to pass on the software with or
without a fee.

4. May I remove “powered by Mambo, Copyright Mambo Foundation” from the footer?
Yes you can, although, we would hope that you would retain it to help spread the word about Mambo.

5. May I remove the “copyright” statements from the source code to Mambo?
No, you must keep all copyright notices and credits in the source code.

6. Does the GPL mean that my web site content is also GPL?
No. The copyright and license of Mambo does not cover the content that
you create. Using Mambo does not place any restrictions, legally, on
the license or copyright you use for the content of your web site.

7. I have modified Mambo for my own web site. Do I have to release these modifications?
The GPL permits anyone to make a modified version for their own use
without the requirement to distribute it or pass on those changes to

8. I have made a modification (hack) to the Mambo core code. Do I have to release it under the GPL?
If you chose to distribute your modifications to others it must be
released under the same terms that you received the original code. So
your modifications must be released under the GPL. You may of course in
this case modify the headers for the source code to include your own
copyright statement after the original copyright statements. If you do
so, you must clearly annotate in the source code your amendments,
changes or additions.

9. I have written a Component, Module, Template for Mambo. Do I have to release it under the GPL?
No. The GPL allows you to write your own extensions for Mambo and to
release those extensions under whatever license you choose.

I have written a Component, Module, Template for Mambo and released it
under the GPL and I charge a fee for it, but web site X is giving it
away for free! Is that right?

Remember if someone pays your
fee, the GPL also gives him or her the freedom to pass on the software
with or without a fee because the GNU GPL license must go along with
the distribution of the software.

11. May I purchase a copy of Mambo, which has the copyright statements removed?
No. Some GPL products are distributed that way (often called “dual licensing”) but Mambo is not.

12. I believe someone is in breach of the GPL, what should I do?
We would ask you to report it, but please first check all the facts before you send an e-mail to us at: license-violation@mambo-foundation.org.

13. Who has the power to enforce the GNU GPL license of Mambo?
Only the copyright holder, Mambo Foundation, has the power to do this.
If the Mambo Development Team finds, or is made aware of, a breach of
the GPL, they will report it to the Foundation for them to take any
necessary action.

Web site X is using or offering my non-GPL Component, Module, Template
without my permission, or in breach of its license, can you help me?

Whilst this is not within the remit or responsibility of Mambo, we are
willing to act as intermediaries in this on your behalf. In most cases
these situations arise out of simple misunderstandings and can be
settled amicably. You should e-mail full details to license-violation@mambo-foundation.org.

15. What about translations of Mambo? Who owns those?
All translation files, as they are derived works of the original Mambo files, are licensed under the GNU/GPL.

This document refers to the software program Mambo, Version 4.x and all
subsequent versions, released under the GNU General Public License and
copyrighted Mambo Foundation.

This document is subject to additions, modifications and other changes at any time without notice.

lawyer has not prepared this document. You should consult a lawyer
experienced in copyright, licensing and intellectual property for

Document Rev. 1.4 – 16 Nov 2005