We've scanned over 100 books. Just under £1000 was spent on purchasing, preparing and scanning these books. The whole set is available in PDF format for just £60! (That's less than 60p per book!)

We aim to raise £17,500 for a local Masjid's Education Center to help pay for the following equipment including:

15 x touchscreen computers,

5 x Windows Tablet pc's 

3 x Noticeboards  (1 Large, 2 small)

1 interactive Whiteboard,

1 Laser Colour Printer,

1 Photocopier,

1 Scanner,

20  x Desks &  Chairs

1 Cupboard & Filing Cabinet

The computers will run the iQari Quran Software and help inspire students to learn the Quran correctly with Tajweed.

The pdf books will also be given to developers to be made interactive so that students can interact with these books using the touchscreen PC's.

The interactive Whiteboard will be used by the teacher to teach the children in a whole class setting

The printer, photocopier, desks, chairs and cupboard will be used to help manage the equipment and education center.

All the books below are available as a set for just £60.Just make a paypal payment to paypal@zikr.co.uk and notify us of your delivery address.We'll post out all the books on a plain CD first class. Inshallah with your help we'll soon have the required funds to kick start the educatuion center!

Teachings of Islam Part 1 – 5
Tasheelul Fiqh 1 – 12
Tasheelul Ahadeeth 1 – 12
Tasheelul Adaab wal Akhlaaq 1 – 10
Tasheelut Tareekh 1-12
Tasheelul Aqaaid 1 – 12
Tabeer Rooya – Urdu Dream Translation
Sulook Mujadadiya
Shariat Murshid Mureed
Adaab Sheikh Ki Sharia Hasiyat
Umdatis Sulook
Hidayatul Insaan
Rukn e Deen
Faidhal Kareem
Taleemun Nisa
Teachings of Islam 1 – 5
Uswai Rasool e Akram
Realities of Sufism
Islam and Tassawuf
Sulook Mujadadiya
Shariat Murshid Mureed
Adaab Sheikh Ki Sharia Hasiyat
Umdatis Sulook
Hidayatul Insaan
Rukn e Deen
Faidhal Kareem
Purification of the Soul
Sunnats New Revised Edition 2007
Sunnats of our Beloved Prophet  (saw)
Sunnah way of life; for the Sufis
Uswai Rasool e Akram
True Stories of Islam
100 Islamic Stories
Dreams and Interpretations
Tabeer Rooya – Urdu Dream Translation
Ibn Seerin's Dictionary of Dreams
Food & Health
A Muslim guide to food Ingridients
Natural Remedies
Misconception of Beliefs
The Obliteration of Flasehood
Heavenly Jewels – Sunni Beshti Zewar
Virtues & Punishments
Fear of Hell
Key to the Garden of Bliss
A concise Description of Jannah and
Spectacle of Death
Basic islamic Teachings
Islam Beliefs and Techings
Taleemud Deen
Taleemun Nisa (Urdu)
Sharia Islamic Law
Book of Assisstance – Imam al Haddad 
The Lives of Man – Imam alHaddad
Al Hisnul Hasin
Namaaz and Duas: Beginners guide
Dua Book Urdu