The Ahsanul Qawaid is famous for helping children and beginners, across the world, learn to read the Quran.

We’ve now brought the Ahsanul Qawaid into the digital age  using Macromedia Flash. Our digital version, of Ahsanul Qawaid also includes the voice of a professional Arabic Speaker to help correctly illustrate how to pronounce each Letter, Word and Phrase in the book! To activate the voice just point the mouse over the letter/word/phrase and click to hear the speaker. See online demo here.


Digital Format. (.exe)

Includes all 29 lessons from the Ahsanul Qawaid book

Voice is activated when Letters/Words/Phrases are clicked

Real page turning effect – use the mouse to “turn” pages over

Different colours have been used io
highlight  grammar such as Harakat, Madd, Ikhfa, Gunna etc. This will help you recognise and read the words easily.

“Play & Learn” – Lots of fun for younger children.


Some important Kalima’s & Tasbeehat-e-salat have been
provided along with procedure of making wudhu and performing Salat. Illustrated pictures have also been added in this book.

All the kalima’s and tasbeehat have been provided
with english transaltion and its transliteration along with arabic text
which would be useful for those who are unable to recite arabic text properly.