There is an INTERNATIONAL Zikr gathering to be held at Hadhrat Sahib’s Khanqah on the 22nd and 23rd of March 2011. (Full Address below)

Mureeds and other seekers alike, from all over the world, are due to attend this auspicious gathering of Zakireen. (i.e Those who do the Zikr of Allah at all times)

If you are seeking to become a Friend of Allah, or are working towards achieving a “Living Heart” (ie a Heart that does the zikr of Allah (swt) unceasingly) you are advised to make yourself present and available on the above dates. InshAllah the help of Allah (swt) will be with you if your intentions are strong and pure.

We are very much aware there are many hindrances in life that prevent one from doing the zikr of Allah. However, our Murshid is an Akmal Wali of Allah who has access to both Dunya and Deen faiz. So those who have issues which relate to Family, Marriage, Children, Business or Health should come regardless and inshAllah through the barkat of Zikr and the duas of Hadhrat Sahib not only will your heart become alive but your issue(s) will also be solved.

From our recent talks with Hadhrat Sahib, we are anticipating Mureeds and other seekers, to come from USA, Canada, South Africa, Indonesia, Malaysia, Spain, UK, India, Sri Lanka, Norway, Nigeria, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Portugal, Philippines, Australia, Singapore and Mauritius.

As it is the first time an International Zikr Gathering is taking place we would urge all those coming from abroad to notify us as soon as possible so that we can make your Travel and stay as safe and comfortable as possible.

InshAllah, you’ll all be given the opportunity to see and meet Hadhrat Sahib who is one of the remaining few carrying the same faiz (noor) which has been handed down through the ages directly from Hadhrat Muhammad (Swallalhu alayhi wasallam).

Full Khanqah Pakistan Address:

Darbar Peer Mitha
Rehmat Pur Sharif
Nankana Sahib

Hadhrat Sahib’s mobile number : +92 301 490 3569

Please remember to e-mail us your details if you are intending to come. May Allah (swt) make it easy for you all..