We are often contacted to make dua or prescribe zikr for various problems, disease, illness etc. We have, therefore, decided to put up our proven
all-in-one Zikr & Dua Solution which will help you dispel any problem whether it relates
to this world or the next. Problems include:

Spiritual, Mental & Physical illness

Wealth: Debt, Ailing business, can’t find a job, lack of blessings within
wealth etc

Family: Problem conceiving children, disobedient/violent Children or
Spouse, no peace at home etc

Whether to Alcohol, Drugs, Smoking etc

Negativity: Plagued by emotions like Greed, Lust, Jealousy,
Pride, Anger etc

Black Magic/ Jinn:
Iinhibited/scared/troubled due to black magic or Jinn.

Our efficient & effective Five Step Solution!

Dua: Contact
providing a brief detail of your problem along with your full
name. We will endevaour to make a supplication on your behalf during Night prayer and after our Zikr Majlis.
Salaat: You should begin, if you’re not already doing so, begin immediately to pray your 5 times daily prayers. As those who do not offer their Salaat are excluded from benefitting from duas of the pious (Hadith). Not only that but Salaat is one of the main causes why problems occur in the first place. So by praying Salaat you are protecting yourself from many harms.
Qalbi Zikr: Begin to perform Divine Remembrance of
Allah from the heart viz Qalbi Zikr. We’ll give you permission and teach you how to perform
it when we reply to your e-mail.
*Holy Water: If you have health issues, water upon which
Durood & Verses of Quran have been recited will be given to you to drink.
You should replenish the water before it finishes and continue using it
until you are better.
*Talisman: If you need a Talisman we will also provide you with a Taweez for
protection against Evil eye, Jinn, Black Magic. It is also used as a spiritual remedy for various disease/illness
and also for general barkat/blessings. You may wear this taweez around your
neck or around your arm.
* Talisman and Holy Water is handed out in person after Zikr majlis on Saturday at Raza Mosque, Preston. It is given absolutely FREE .

We Guarantee, if you follow our proven Five Step Solution above,
your problem will be solved InshAllah!.

You will also begin to see happiness and peace flourish within your life.
Your financial problems will soon begin to ease and grief & fear in
this life and the next will become a thing of the past. You will also
be endowed with all the other benefits
of doing Qalbi Zikr