1) Logo:

We need a logo designed that we can use on all our stationary.

It should be something that reminds one of Allah (swt), without actually having the word “Allah” written/drawn, as pieces of paper on which Allah is written need to be respected and this cannot always be guaranteed.

2) Database:

A database to store information about our students like Address, Telephone numbers, e-mail etc

If possible we would also like to integrate this database with a form on our website so that Students can register/modify their details online.

3) Mission Statement:

A well worded Mission Statement that represents what we do. This will be used on the website as well as all future literature.

4) Flash Meditation Clip:

A simple short Flash Clip that represents the meditation technique. We have a fair idea what we would like developed but need someone with the skills to put it in action.

5) Development of CD/DVD:

An informative CD built with audio and video rich content from our website. We aim to give these out to people who do not have access to internet and would like to know more about Islam & Zikr.

6) Leaflets & Posters:

Informative & colourful leaflets & posters covering the various topics of Zikr. These will be put up within our own and other centers that provide useful information that lures the reader to do more Zikr of Allah (swt).