DREAMS_ A Portion of Nabuwwah
Interpretation According to the Contrasting Meaning of Things
Interpretation According to the Varying Conditions in People.
Interpretation According to Varying Times
Times in which Dreams are Most Potent
Facts to be Taken into Consideration Before a Mu'abbir Interprets a Dream

Seeing Allah in the Dream
Standing Before Allah
A Material Gift from Allah
Seeing Allah in Someone' House
Allah Warning Someone
Allah Occupying Someone's Bed
Seeing Allah in the Form of a Picture
An Incident

Dreaming of Angels, Messengers, Saints, Ulma, The Ka'bah, Athaan, Salaah & Haj
The Angels .
Seeing Any of the Great Angels of Allh Ta'ala
Angels in the Masjid.
An Unidentified Angel
Seeing Rasoolullah (Sallallaahu-alayhi-wasallam) in the Dream
Rasoolullah (Sallallaahu-alayhi-wasallam) in a Pleasant Mood.
Rasoolullah (Sallallaahu-alayhi-Wasallam) on Dry Land
When a Person in Grief Sees Rasoolullah (Sallallaahu-alayhi-wasallam)
Rasoolullah (Sallallaahu-alayhi-wasallam)in the Courtyard
A Most Unpleasant Dream
Rasoolullah (Sallallaahu-alayhi-wasallam)in Beautiful Garments
Seeing Rasoolullah (Sallallaahu-alayhi-wasallam) walking
Rasoolullah (Sallallaahu-alayhi-wasallam) Delivering a Khutbah
Rasoolullah (Sallallaahu-alayhi-wasallam) Looking into the Mirror.
Rasoolullah (Sallallaahu-alayhi-wasallam) Eating Something
Rasoolullah (Sallallaahu-alayhi-wasallam) Presenting a Gift.
The Ambiyaa (Alayhimus Salaam)
Becoming a Nabi
Ulamaand Saints
The Ka'bah
Seeing the Ka'bah in any PlaceOther than Makkah
Tawaaf of the Ka'bah
Viewing the Ka'bah
Placing the Ka'bah Behind One's Back
An Incident
Performing Salaah in the Ka'bah
Inability to Determinethe Qiblah
MakingAdditionsto Salaah
Salaah Towards East or West
Embracing Judaism,Christianity or Fire-Worship
Idol Worship
Fire Worship
Hearing the Athaan in any Month Other than Thil-Hijjah
An Incomplete Athaan during the Month of Hajj
An Incomplete Athaan during any Month Other than Hajj
Calling Out the Athaan in Strange Words.
Broken Minaret
Erecting a Masjid
Shaving the Head
A True Story
Reciting the Holy Qur'aan

Seeing the Skies, Sun, Moon, Stars, Plantes, Qiyaamah, Jannah, Jahannam and Fire in One's Dream
Ascending the Sky or Heavens
Entering the Heavens without Ascending
The Sun
Holding the Sun
Solar Eclipse
Quarrelling or Disputing with the Sun
Sunrise in the House
Clouds Enshrouding the Sun
The Moon
Possessing the Moon
Lunar Eclipse
Moon in the Lap
The Moon in the House or Bed
The Moon of the First Night of the Lunar Month
The Stars and Planets
Possessing the Stars
Eating Stars
Collecting Stars
Stars on the Earth
Stars in the Hand
Falling Stars
Rotation of the Skies
The First Story
The Second Story
The Third Story
Day of Judgment Qiyaamah
Standing before Allah
Eating the Fruits of Jannah
Acquiring but Not Eating The Fruits of Jannah
Streams of Jannah
Garments of Jannah
Gardens, Rivers and Damsels of Jannah
Jahannam or Hell
Admission into Hell
Fire of the World
Fire Descending from the Skies
Fire Ascending the Skies
Basking before a Fire
Roasting Meat
Eating Roasted Meat
Cooking Food in a Pot
An Empty Pot on the Fire
Garments Burning
Eating Fire
Scorching by Fire
Branding with Fire
A Burst of Flame in the Hand
Fire in the Market Place
A Burning Lamp
Light Given off by Fire
Collecting or Carrying Ashes
Collecting Fire that does not Burn

Dreaming of Rain, Lightning, Thunder, Wells The Ocean, Rivers, Canals, Vessels, Mills, Winds and Public Baths
Rain of Milk and Honey
True Stories
A Rainbow
Possessing, Gathering or Walking in a Cloud
A True Story
Hails, Ice Frost and Snow
Water Becoming Ice
Digging a Well
A Well in the House
Irrigating One's Land
Wasting Water
Drawing Water from a Well
Watering a Tree
Giving People Water to Drink
A Broken Bucket
Falling into the Well
Plunging into the River
Drinking Clean Water from the River
Drinking Unclean Water from the River
Bathing in the River
Crossing a River
The Sea or Ocean
Drinking Sea Water
Walking on the Sea
Vessel or Ship
Boarding or Sitting in a Vessel
Water in the Vessel
Disembarking a Vessel
Vessel on Dry Land
A Stream in the House
Wudhu and Ghusl
Water in a Dish or Bowl
Drinking Water
Water in a Glass Tumbler
Wudhu and Ghusl with Milk, Wine, Oil etc.
Incomplete Wudhu
Complete Wudhu or Ghusl
Soil and Mud
Hot Water
A Brick Falling from Wall
Urinating in a Bathroom
A General Rule Pertaining to a Dream with Two Scenes with Oppsing Interpretations
Grinding Stones
Winds and Storms

Seeing The Earth, Mountains, Deserts, Hills, Structures, Forts, Shops, Houses, Buildings, Explosions, Earth quakes Etc. in One's Dream
The Earth
Standing in a Vast Stretch of Land
A Narrow Piece of Land
Dialogue with the Earth
Disappearance into the Earth
The Earth Revolving
Traversing through Wasteland, Wilderness or the Desert
Eating and Drinking in the wild
Soil and Sand
Walking on Sand or Picking up Sand
Sand or Dust Flying in the Atmosphere or Skies
Digging the Earth
A True Incident
Mountains and Hills
Climbing a Mountain
Rocks and Stones,
Standing on Top of a Mountain
Conquering or Dropping a Mountain
Digging a Hole in the Mountain
Ascending a Mountain without Faltering
Carrying a Mountain
Shops and their Frontage
An Unknown House.
A Known House
Possessing a House
An Extended House
A Ruined House
Selling a House
Building a House
Building a House in an Unknown Locality
Demolishing a House
A Wall
A Plastered or Cemented House
An Unplastered House
Climbing the Upper Portions of a House
A Familiar House
Sweeping a House
Digging a Grave
A City in Ruins
Ladder or Stairs
Stairs of Unbaked Bricks
Stairs of Baked Bricks, Timber or Plastered Mortar
A Door
The Lintel
A Gutted House
A Displaced Door
A Dislodged Door or Door Frame
Someone Sitting on a Dislodged Door
A Door Falling
Door Frames
Closing the Door
Opening a Closed or Locked Door
A Nail
A Bridge
Earthquakes and Tremors

Seeing Trees, Gardens, Orchards, Fruits, Vegetable, Crops, Etc. in the Dream
Timber and Firewood
Staff (Asaa)
A Thorn Tree
Pomegranate During its Season
Eating a Sweet Pomegranate
Sour Pomegranate
Yellow Fruit
Green Fruit
Eating a Specific Number of Grapes
Black Grapes
Pressing Grapes
Pressing Olives
Olive Oil
Black or Red Raisins
Almonds and Pistachios
Non-Fruit-bearing Trees
Sweet-smelling Trees
Odorous Trees
Bread or Roti Made of Flour
Kneading Dough 
Corn and Millet
Chickpeas (Chana), Lentils (Masoor) and Peas
A Field Meant for Growing Produce
Reaping a Field
Sewing Seeds
Seeds Grown into Plants or Trees
Sweet Smelling Flowers
Unknown Greenery
Dry Grass
Eating Fruits in the Garden
Pleasure in the Garden
Broken Gate of a Garden
An Unknown Garden

Dreaming of Milk and other Beverages
Drinking Fresh Milk
Drinking Curd or Whey
Cow Milk, Camel Milk and Buffalo Milk
Milk of Wild Camel
Mule Milk
Donkey Milk
Milk of Game
Horse Milk
Lioness Milk
Milk of a Bitch
Vixen Milk
Sow's Milk
Drinking Milk from the Breast
Breast Filling with Milk
Intoxicants Made from Dates or Grapes
Drinking Wine
Brewing Wine
River of Wine

Dreaming of Men, Women and Animals
Dreaming of Men, Women and Animals
Seeing an Unknown Person
An Old Man
An Old Woman
A Young Girl
A Newborn Girl
A Newborn Boy
A Dismembered Head
The Hairs of the head
Shaving the Head
Long hair
Dishevelled hair
White Hair
Black Hair
The Face and Beard
A Long Beard
A Shaven Beard
Removing the Hairs of the Head and the Beard Simultaneously
Dyeing the Hair of the head
Rubbing Oil on the Hairs, Beard or Body
Fragrant Oil
Seeing Hair on the Palm
Hair of the Armpits, the Hair Below the Navel and the Moustache
Hair of the Human Body
Human Brain
Human Flesh
The Ear
Embellishment of the Ear
The Faculty of Hearing
The Eye
Applying Kuhl or Surma to the Eye
Eyebrows and Eyelashes
The Nose and Forehead
The Temples , Cheeks and Jaws
The Lips
The Tongue
The Front Two Teeth-Upper and Lower
Loose Teeth
Teeth in the Pocket
Masticating Teeth
Long Teeth
Molars and pre-molars
An Incident
The Brain
The Hand and Arms
An Amputated Hand
A Detached Hand with no Bleeding
The Hand Amputated by the King
Long Arm
Powerful Hands
The Stomach, Intestines and Other Organs
Eating One's Intestines, Liver and Kidney
The Ribs
The Back and Loins
The Shoulder
The Male Generative Organ
The Testicles
The Left Testicle
The Thighs
The Knee
The Toes
Tendons and Muscles
The Skin
The Portion between the Navel and Knees
Nudity in the Masjid
The Neck
Slaughtering a man
Slaughtering a Haraam Animal
Killing a Person
Wrestling with a person
Abusive Language
An Incident
Blood, Pus etc. without any Wound
Wounds, Bruises Etc.
Emaciation and Weakness
Carrying a Burden
Excreta of Man and Animals
Droppings of Animals that are not Eaten
Becoming Spattered with Excreta
Passing of Stools
Passing of Anything besides Stools
Breaking Wind
Bleeding from the Anus
Blowing the Nose.
Cupping on the Neck
Bleeding from the Nose
Drawing Blood from the Vein
Blood in a Cup, Bowl or Tray
To be Stained with Blood, Dung etc.
Incidents Relating to this Section.

Dreaming of Weddings, Female Generative Organs, pregnancy, Deliveries, Breast-feeding Etc.
Marrying a Dead Woman
Seminal Discharge
Greeting with Salaam
Marriage of a Wife
Marriage to one's Mother, Sister Etc.
Marriage of a Man to a Man
A woman with male Generative organ
A woman with a Beard
A Man with a Pudenda
State of Impurity
A True incident
Delivering Female Issue
Delivering a Male issue
Delivery by an Expectant Wife
Breast Feeding

Dreaming of Death, Dead persons, and Reports Given by them
Alive in the Grave
Digging one's own Grave
Speaking to the Dead
Seeing a Deceased Person as Happy
Seeing a Deceased person as Unhappy
Dying for the Second Time
Digging the Grave of a Dead Person
An Incident.
Accepting from or Giving to the Deceased Something
Carrying the Dead
Embracing a Dead person
Entering an Unknown House with the Dead
A Dead person Entering the Home of a Sick person
Giving The Dead Roti, Bread or Ring.


Seeing Clothes, Garments, Carpets Etc. in the Dream
Garments of Silk, Raw Silk and Fine Silk
Woolen Clothes
Sheet Worn as a Garment
Shirt or Kurtah
Old Clothes
Soiled Clothes
Dirt and Filth
White and Clean Clothes
Clothes that are joined
Patched Clothes
Embroidered Clothes
A Silk Turban
A Woolen or Cotton Turban
Headgear or Topi
A Longs Coat such as an Achkan or Jubbah
A Long Coat with a Lining
A Pair of Shoes
A Shoe
Good Smelling Sock
Torn Stocks
Leather Socks or Khuff
Wearing Torn Garments
A Wife's Garments
Head-cloth or Odhni
A Spinning Wheel
A Woman Acquiring a Spinning Wheel
A Wife Donning the Clothes of her Husband
A Wife Wearing the Military Clothes of her husband
Donning Feminine Clothes
Donning Clothes of Various Colors
Donning White Clothes
Donning Yellow Clothes
Donning Green Clothes
Donning Red Clothes
Donning Black Clothes
Black Color
Carpet or Mat
A Thick and Wide Carpet
A Thick but Narrow Carpet
A Thin but Wide Carpet
A Thin, Old, torn and Short Carpet
A Handkerchief

Dreaming of Jewelry, Gold, Silver, Coins Etc.
Acquiring a pearl
Acquiring an Emerald or Ruby
Wearing a pearl Necklace
A Burdensome Necklace
Pearls Emanating from the Mouth
Eating pearls
Scattering pearls on the Road or in the market Place
A Silver or Gold Necklace Studded with Jewels
A Broken Waist-band
A Crown Seen by a Woman
A Ring
Acquiring a Ring
Snatching a Ring
Theft of a Ring
The Stone of a Ring
A Gold Ring
A Ring Made of Iron
A yellow Ring or a Ring Made of lead
Wearing a Ring, Necklace of Earrings
Wearing Bracelets
Bracelet for the upper Arm
Jewelry Worn by Women
Gold Coins,
A Single Gold Coin or Coins up to Four
A Gold Coin without any Imprint
Bars of Gold
Coins of Silver
Black Coins
Black Coins Contained in a Bag
Giving Someone Black Coins
A Single Coin
Coins Made from Copper, Bronze Etc.
Bars of Silver
Silver from its Mine
Bars of Iron, Steel or Lead
Smelting Gold, Silver Etc.

Dreaming of Vessels, Vases, Utensils, Mirrors, Scissors, Etc.
Threading a Needle
Threading and Sewing with a Needle
Sewing with a Threaded Needle
Sewing the Clothes of One's Wife
Combing the hair and Beard
Scissors Descending from the sky
Clipping Hair or Wool with a Scissors
An Incident

Dreaming of Arms, Weapons Etc.
Theft or Destruction of a Weapon
A Sword or Bow or Spear in the Hand
Killing Someone Using a Sword
Striking Someone with a Spear
Injuring Someone with a Spear
Inflicting injury
Cutting a Limb
Receiving an Unsheathed Sword
A Broken Sword in the Sheath
A Sword in a Broken Sheath
A Sword with a Broken handle
A Sword with Good or Defective Handle
The Broken Point of a Sword
Wielding an Unsheathed Sword
The Sword-belt Hanging from the Neck
A Painted Sword
A Blunt Sword
A True Story
A Bow and Arrow
A Bow in its Cover
A Broken Bow
Discarding a Bow
Shooting with a Firearm
Shooting an Arrow
Shaping an Arrow
Confiscating a Bow from Another
Armour, Helmet Etc.

Seeing Horses, Mares, Mules, Donkey in the Dream
Mounting a Horse
Defective Saddle, Reins, Harness, Stirrup etc.
A Horse Having a Long or Short Tail
Limbs of the Horse
A Fighting Horse
An Uncontrollable Horse
A Flying Horse
Horses Running through Cities
A Spotted Horse
A Black Horse
A Reddish-blackish Horse
A Brown Horse
A White Horse
A Red Horse
A Horse with white Feet
Allowing Another Person to Ride with
A Mare
A Black Mare
A white Mare with Black Sports
A Green Mare
Theft of a Mare
Eating the Flesh of his Mare
An Unknown Horse
A Pack-horse
An Obedient Pack-horse
Mounting a pack-Horse
Mounting a Mule
Mounting a She-mule
Mules of various colors
Seeing a female Mule
The skin and Flesh of a Mule
The Milk of a Female Mule
An Ass
Mounting an Ass
A Black Ass
Donkeys of various Colors
Falling from an Ass
Dismounting an Ass
Buying an Ass
An Ass with Weak Eyesight
A Disabled Ass
An Ass Becoming a Mule
An Ass Becoming a Horse
A Weak Donkey
Eating the Flesh of an Ass
Drinking the Milk of a She-ass

Dreaming of Camels, Cows, Goats, Sheep, their Meats and Colors
A She-Camel
Riding a Camel
Fighting a Camel
Driving a herd of Camels
An Unfamiliar Camel
Camel Meat
Eating Camel Meat
Milking a She-camel
Drinking Camel Milk
A Camel Calf that is weaned
A Camel that has escaped
An Ox or Bull with Horns
An Ox or Bull without Horns
Mounting an ox or Bull
An Ox in the House
Owning Many oxen
Being Hit with the Horns of an Ox
The Horns of an Ox
A Woman Mounting an Ox
The Flesh of an Ox
Slaughtering an ox and Distributing its Meat
A Calf
A herd of Oxen
A Cow
A Black Cow
A Herd of Black Cows
Lean Cows
A Fat Cow
Ghee and Milk
Milking a Cow and Drinking its Milk
A Pregnant Cow
Acquiring a Sheep
Slaughtering a Sheep
Skinning the Sheep
Eating Mutton
Mounting a Sheep
Carrying a Sheep on the Back
A Sheep Mounting a Man
Overpowering a Sheep
Becoming the Owner of a Flock of Sheep
Sacrificing an Sheep
Acquiring an Ewe
Slaughtering an Ewe for its Meat
Slaughtering an Ewe not for its Meat
The Ewe Escaping
All Products of Sheep
A lamb
Receiving a Lamb as a Gift
Slaughtering a Lamb not for its Meat
Eating the Meat of a Lamb
Eating Half-cooked Meat of a Goat
Eating the Raw Meat of a Goat
Eating Roasted meat
A Slaughtered and Skinned Goat Entering the House
A Limb of the Goat Skinned
Eating a Goat or its Limb
Becoming a shepherd
Goat Hair
An Unknown Bucher
Buying meat from the Butcher
Becoming a Goat
The Liver, Fat, Spleen Etc. of a Goat
Eating the Innards of the Goat
Eating the Head of an Animal

Dreaming of Game and Wild Animals, Their Meat and Milk
Wild Animals
Mounting a Zebra
Hunting a Wild Animal
Hunting Wild Animals that are Females
Hunting a Female Gazelle or Buck
A Wild Cow
Killing a wild Animal with no Purpose of Hunting
The Young of Edible Game
Becoming the Owners of Wild animals
The Skin Etc. of Game.

Elephants and Beasts of Prey
Mounting an Elephant
Eating Elephant Meat
Riding an Elephant in Battle
A True incident
Riding a Lion
Facing a Lion
Eating Lion Meat
The Skin of the Lion
A She-Lion
Drinking the Milk of a Lioness
Riding a Tiger
Drinking Tiger Milk
The Meat, Skin and Limbs of a Tiger
Drinking The Milk of a Panther
Drinking Hyena Milk
Drinking Wolf Milk
A Cat Entering a House
Killing a Cat
A Cat Fighting Someone
Mongoose, Lynx or Weasel
An Ape or Monkey
A Swine
Acquiring any Portion of a Swine
Drinking the Milk of a Sow
A Dog
A Barking Dog
A Dog That Attacks
A Dog Ripping the Clothes
Eating Dog Meat
Training or Holding a Dog
The Milk of a Bitch
Animals With Fangs

Dreaming of Snakes, Scorpions, and other Creatures of the Earth.
Fighting a Snake
Being Bitten by a Snake
Killing a Snake
A Snake with Hands and Feet
Fearing a Snake
A Snake in the House
A Snake leaving Person's Ear or Stomach
Possessing a Snake
Possessing a Black Snake
Possessing a Beautiful White Snake
Getting Stung by a Scorpion
Killing a Scorpion
A Scorpion in the Hand
Eating the Meat of a Scorpion
A Scorpion in the stomach
Mosquitoes and Butterflies.
Bugs leaving their nests
Black Beetles, Dung-flies and all other Types of Flies
A Story Teller
A Mouse
Killing a Mouse
Incidents pertaining to this Section.

Dreaming of Fish and Other Marine Creatures
Fresh Fish
Fillets or Fresh Fish
Salted Fish
The Flesh, Skin and Bones of a Crocodile
A Frog Frogs
Tortoise or Turtle
Eating Turtle Meat
A Turtle Walking on the Road
A Turtle in a Protected Environment
Seeing Ordinary Birds, Birds, of Prey and Poultry in the Dream
Birds of Prey
Acquiring or Owning a Vulture
Flying On the Back of a Vulture
Kite or Eagle
A Female Ostrich
A Male Ostrich
A Cock
A hen
A partridge or Pheasant
A Turtle Dove
A Parrot
A Honey Bee
A ring-dove
Eating or Owning a Ring-dove
Acquiring the Feathers or Eggs of a Ring-dove
Hunting a Ring-dove
A Crested Bird
Hunting Sparrows
The Chirping of Birds
A Flock of Small Birds (Ababeel)
Marine Birds
Birds of Unknown Species
Eggs of Unknown Birds
Eating the Eggs of Unknown Birds
Eating Uncooked Eggs
Eating the Shell or White of The Egg
Incidents Relating to this Section.

Dreaming of Professionals, Manufacturers, Tradesmen, Entertainer Etc.
A Person who Weights and measures
An Unknown Qaadhi or Judge
A Khateeb
Cloth Merchant
Dealer in Hide and Skin
One who Mends patches
Slave Trader
A Wine merchant
Chef or Cook
Sailor navigator
Shield maker
Basket Maker
Teacher, Ustaad, Tutor Etc.
Treasure Collector
Astrologer, Soothsayer, Magician etc.
One Who Makes Ta'weez
Conjurer or Raaqi
Painter Shroud-thief
Grave Digger and Excavator.

Noor and Darkness
Ruins and Desolate Land
Books and Magazines
Sealed Books
Books of Hadeeth & Fiqh
The Holy Qur'aan
Descrating the Holy Qur'aan
Limbs of the Body becoming Iron
Becoming a Slave or prisoner
Limbs of the Body becoming Glass
Lending or Borrowing something
Buying or Selling a slave
Preparing Sweetmeats
Merry Making Restriction
In Chains
Saddling a Horse
Ink Pot or Ink Bottle
Pen, pencil Etc.
Desires Fulfilled

Reciting the various Suwar of the Holy Qur'aan in the Dream
Soorach Faatihah
Soorach Baqarah
Soorah Aale Imraan
Soorah Nisaa
Sorrah Maa'idah
Soorah An'aam
Soorah A'raaf
Soorah Anfaal
Soorah Taubah
Soorah Yoonus
Soorah Hood
Soorah Yoosuf
Soorah Ra'ad
Soorah Ibraheem
Soorah Hijr
Soorah Nahl
Soorah Bani Isra'eel
Soorah Kajf
Soorah Maryam
Soorah Taha
Soorah Ambiya
Soorah Hajj
Soorah Mu'minoon
Soorah Noor
Soorah Furqaan
Soorah Shu'ara
Soorah Nami
Soorah Qasa
Soorah Ankaboot
Soorah Room
Soorah Luqmaan
Soorah Sajdah
Soorah Ahzaab
Soorah Sabaa
Soorah Faatir
Soorah Yaseen
Soorah Saaffaat
Soorah Saad
Soorah Zumur
Soorah Mu'minor Ghaafir
Soorah Ha Meem As-Sajdah
Soorah Shoora
Soorah Zukhruf
Soorah Dukhaan
Soorah Jaathiyah
Soorah Ahqaaf
Soorah Muhammed or Qitaal
Soorah Fath
Soorah Hujuraat
Soorah Qaaf
Soorah Thaariyaat
Soorah Toor
Soorah Najm
Soorah Qamar
Soorah Rahmaan
Soorah Waaqi'ah
Soorah Hadeed
Soorah Mujaadealah
Soorah Hashr
Soorah Mumtahinah
Soorah Saff
Soorah Jumu'ah
Soorah Munafiqoon
Soorah Taghaabun
Soorah Tallaq
Soorah Tahreem
Soorah Mulk
Soorah Noon or Qalam
Soorah Haaqqah
Soorah Ma'aarij
Soorah Nooh
Soorah Jinn
Soorah Muzzammil
Soorah Muddath-thir
Soorah Qiyaamah
Soorah Dahror Insaan
Soorah Mursalaat
Soorah Naa'a
Soorah Naazi'aat
Soorah Abasa
Soorach Takweer
Soorah Infitaar
Soorah Tatfeef
Soorah Inshiqaaq
Soorah Burooj
Soorah Taariq
Soorah A'ala
Soorah Ghaashiyah
Soorah Fajr
Soorah Balad
Soorah Shams
Soorah Layl
Soorah Duhaa
Soorah Inshiraah
Soorah Teen
Soorah Alaq
Soorah Qadr
Soorah Bayyinath
Soorrah Zilzaal
Soorah Aadiyaat
Soorah Qaari'ah
Soorah Takaathur or Maqaabir
Soorah Asr
Soorach Humazah
Soorah Feel
Soorah Quraish
Soorah Maa'oon
Soorah Kauthar
Soorah Kaafiroon
Soorah Nasr
Soorah Lahab or Masad
Soorah Ikhlaas
Soorah Falaq
Soorah Naas