For those who share our enthusiasm and goals we have developed this section so you too can help and benefit from the work we do.

Sadqah Jariya means “ongoing charity”. In Islam a person is rewarded by his intentions and actions. If a Msulim helps builds a well, a mosque or passes on knowledge, that people continue to benefit from, then he is continually rewarded for these action whether he is alive or dead. This is why it is called “ongoing” charity.

Life has no guarantee, we may have days, hours or maybe even only minutes left without even relaising it. That\’s why it\’s always wise to invest in some form of Sadqah Jariyah.

Here at we have the following Sadqah Jariyah opportunities available:

Investment Level
Saqdqah Jariya Oppurtunity
30 Days Hosting (8GB Transfer)


  1. Your investment is multiplied a minimum of ten times and returned to you within your own lifetime (Hadith)
  2. Your investment is multiplied a minimum of seventy times and reserved for you in the life hereafter (Hadith)
  3. An equal share of rewards from all those who learn & begin to perform Qalbi Zikr, observe Salaat and start to live righteous lives after having visiting this site. (Hadith)
  4. Your name recorded amongst the Friends of Allah, even though you may be an open sinner.(Hadith)
  5. You, your family and your business will be remembered closely in our prayers and in the prayers of the friends of Allah who run this humble site and organisation

Please use the Sponsorship module on the left to make any Saqdqah Jariaya (ongoing charity) payments..

You will be redirected through to paypal where you can leave a small note to advise where you wish your investmnet to be spent.

If you need any further information please do not hesitate to contact us.