Reciting the Various Soorah of the Holy Qur'aan in the Dream.

Soorah Faatihah : Anyone who recites it fully or partially, his duas will be assuredly accepted by Allah and he will derive such benefit thereby that it will bring him joy and happiness. Some say that he will marry seven women in succession and his duas will be accepted. This is borne out by the fact that Rasoolullah (sallallaahu-alayhi-wasallam) used to recite Alhamdu lillahi rab bil aalameen in the beginning of his dua as well as at the end.

Soorah Baqarah : Whoever reads it in his dream fully or partially_albeit one word_ he will live long and progress in deeds of piety. At times it means he will move to a new locality where he will be revered and honoure.d Some say that if he is a qaadhi (judge) his departure from this world is imminent and if he an aalim his life span will be long and his condition will improve.

Soorah Aale Imraan : Whoever reads it in his dream fully or partially he will be the black sheep of his family. He will acquire hisd rizq in old age. He will also undertke journeys continuously.

Soorah Nisaa : The reader will live with a beautiful woman till the end of his life. But the marriage will not be a happy one. He will also possess the ability to rpesent stong arguments and speak eloquently.

Soorah Maa'idah : The reader of this Soorah will be anoble person whose passion will be to feed people. But at length he will be harmed by some hard-hearted persons.

Soorah An'aam : Its reader will now focus his attention towards safeguarding and serving the cause of Deen. He will acquire halaal rizq and will be fortunate in the world and hereafter

Soorah A'raaf : Its reader will acquire a little knowledge of every science. And it is possible that he will die in a foreign land.

Soorah Anfaal : Its reader will be crowned with honour and his Deen will remain safeguarded.

Soorah Taubah : Whoever reads it in his dream, he will revere and love the pious people.

Soorah Yoonus : Its reader will suffer some loss of wealth. It is also said that its reader will become a bearer of glad tidings at all times.

Soorah Hood : He will have lots of enemies and will choose to live in a goreign land rather than his own.

Soorah Yoosuf : Woever reads it in his dream his family members will become his enemies and his livelihood will received in a land away from home.

Soorah Ra'ad : Its reader will always be impoverished and needy. According to one interpretation his death is imminent.

Soorah Ibraheem : Its reader will glorify Allah abundantly and he will offer abundant repentance unto Allah.

Soorah Hijr : Whoever reads it in his dream his family will be protected against all calamities and he will become humble and submissive. And if is reader is a king his death is imminent. If he is a qaadhi his conduct and character will be good. If a trader he will enjoy certain privileges over his family.. If an aalim he will die an honourable death.

Soorah Nahl : The one who reads it in his dream, his rizq will be safeguarded. He will be included amongst the party of the beloved Prohet (Sallallaahu-alayhi-wasallam) even though he did not witness his company.

Soorah Bani Isra'eel : The King or government will subject its reader to tyranny and oppression. It is also said that he will be safeguarded against the mischief of certain person while fearing a crisis of which he will be innocent.

Soorah Kahf : Its reader will be blessed with a long life, he will live under pleasant circumstances, his condition will improve and he will receive sustenance from the people who give him shelter and protection.

Soorah Maryam : Whoever reads this Soorah in his dream he will find himself in straitened circumstances but Allah will remove his difficulties and ease matters for him.

Soorah Taha : Thoever reads it will love performing the tahaj-jud salaah and do good deeds, Moreover, he will spend his time in the company of pious people.

Soorah Ambiya : Its reader will think well of the people.

Soorah Hajj : He will perform Hajj and Umrah. But if he is ill he will die.

Soorah Mu'minoon : Reading it is an indication that he loves offering long prayers and displaying his submission to Allah during the nights. But there is fear that he will be afflicted with some serious illness.

Soorah Noor : Its reader will be amongst those who enjoin what is right and forbid what is wrong; he will love some and dislike others for the sake of Allah; he will be afflicted with some illness.

Soorah Furqaan : He will love truth and abhor falsehood.

Soorah Shu'ara : He will earn his livelihood with much hardship. He will not acquire anything but with difficulties. He will take to long journeys but achieve very little.

Soorah Naml : He will love truth and abhor falsehood. He will be the leader of his people. He will acquire knowledge and power.

Soorah Qasas : Whoever recites this Soorah he will be tested in the matter of a piece of land. This piece of land may be in the countryside, city, his home or in the place where he performs his salaah.

Soorah Ankaboot : Its reader is given the glad tiding from Allah that he will not be put to test.

Soorah Rome : Whoever reads it there is hypocrisy in his heart. But if its reader is a king he will acquire the knowledge of Deen. And if he a qaadhi or trader he will profit tremendously.

Soorah Luqmaan : Whoever reads it he will become a good calligrapher and acquire wisdom.

Soorah Sajdah : Its reader will become a firm mu-wahhid (Unitarian) and a strong believer.

Soorah Ahzaab : Its reader will praise his family members; he will be granted longevity; and he will be very cunning to his friends.

Soorah Sabaa : The one who recites this soorah will become brave and every eager to arm himself with a sword.

Soorah Faatir : Its reciter will see Allah Ta'ala and become a saint from amongst the saints of Allah.

Soorah Yaseen : He will remain steadfast on his Deen.

Soorah Saaffaat : He will receive his livelihood from halaal sources and be blessed with two male offsprings.

Soorah Saad : Its reader will have much sense of honour. He will also display much love for women, familiarizing and travelling with them.

Soorah Zumur : Its reader will live long enough to see his grand children Perhaps he will travel to some place never to return.

Soorah Mu'min or Ghaafir : He will be a firm believer.

Soorah Ha Meem As-Sajdah : Its reader will become a means of hidaayat and guidance for the people.

Soorah Shoora : Its reader will benefit from his ilm and amal.

Soorah Zukhruf : The one who recites it in his dream will acquire his livelihood with much difficulty and he will be less fortunate during the final years of his life.

Soorah Dukhaan : The One who recites it in his dream will be safeguarded against harms caused by oppressors; he will also be granted protection from the chastisement of the grave and punishment of hell-fire. He will not weaken in his belief.

Soorah Jaathiyah : Its reader will lead an ascetic life ( ie. He will become a zaahid).

Soorah Ahqaal : Its reader will become disobedient to his parents but will repent for his sin during the last stages of his life.

Soorah Muhammad or Qitaal : He will be visited by an angel in its best and most pleasant form.

Soorah Fath : Its reader will be loved by Allah.

Soorah Hujuraat : Its reader will become instrumental in joining the hearts of Allah's servants.

Soorah Qaaf : He will acquire knowledge through which people will become obligated to him. The latter part of his life will be better than the former and he will remain steadfast and firm.

Soorah Thaariyaat : Its reader will be able to acquire as much produce of the earth as he desires. And it could also mean that he will live in harmony with people of all religions and mathaahib.

Soorah Toor : The one who reads its, Allah will be pleased regarding the matters of his religions.

Soorah Najm : Whoever reads it will be blessed with many children who will die for the pleasure of Allah Azza Wajalla. Also he will be a man of great learning and piety.

Soorah Qamar : Sorcery (jaado) will be exercised on its reader but he will not be harmed by the grace of Allah.

Soorah Rahmaan : Its reader will be bestowed with the bounties of Allah in the world and His mercies in the hereafter.

Soorah Waaqi'ah : Its reader will hasten towards performing good deeds and obeying Allah.

Soorah Hadeed : Its reader will accomplish works that will leave lasting impressions on the people. He will also tread the right path and adopt the correct Deen.

Soorah Mujaadalah : Its reader will fight against those who profess falsehood nand he will be stern with them.

Soorah Hashr : He will be resurrected while Allah will be pleased with him; he will also destroy his enemies.

Soorah Mumtahinah : Its reader will find himself in some difficulty while he will be rewarded for it.

Soorah Saff : Its reader will die as a martyr.

Soorah Jumu'ah : Allah will gather for him the bounties of both the worlds.

Soorah Munafiqoon : Its reader will be exonerated from nifaaq and hypocrisy.

Soorah Taghaabun : He will die on hidaayah and guidance.

Soorah Talaaq : Its reader will have disputes with his wife which will lead to a divorce. But he will pay in full her dowry.

Soorah Tahreem : He will abstain from violating the laws of Allah regarding haraam.

Soorah Mulk : Allah will grant him the bounties of both the worlds. He will own a great deal of properties and give much charity.

Soorah Noon or Qalam : Allah will shower His blessings on him. And he will attain salvation.

Soorah Haaqqah : There is fear that its reader will become subjected to some aggression although he will be one the right.

Soorah Ma'aarij : Its reader will be protected and helped by Allah. He will be successful.

Soorah Nooh : Whoever reads it in his dram will be amongst those who enjoin what is right and forbid what is wrong. He will also b e helped against his enemies.

Soorah Jinn : Its reader will be protected against jinn.

Soorah Muzzammil : Its reciter will be a man of good conduct and he will exercise patience and sabr and always be grateful to Allah.

Soorah Muddath-thir : The one who reads it will be in straitened circumstances but Allah will remove his difficulties.

Soorah Qiyaamah : Its reader will always abstain from swearing oaths.

Soorah Dahr or Insaan : Its reader will be a generous man who will also be grateful to Allah for his bounties.

Soorah Mursalaat : Allah will increase his rizq for him and guide him to be grateful to Allah for His bounties.

Soorah Naba'a : All grief and sorrow will be removed from his heart. He will become honourable and his name will be mentioned with reverence by the people.

Soorah Naazi'aat : All grief and sorrow will be removed from his heart.

Soorah Abasa : Its reader will discharge his zakaah and give much charity.

Soorah Takweer : Its reader will travel a great deal to the East and his journeys will prove fruitful.

Soorah Infitaar : The kings and rulers will hold him dear and they will honour him.

Soorah Tatfeef : He will be guided to become faithfull and just.

Soorah Inshiqaaq : He will have many offsprings.

Soorah Burooj : Allah will remove his grief and bestow him with honour by granting him knowledge in a variety of Islamic sciences.

Soorah Taariq : Allah Will grant him the fervour to remember and glorify him abundantly.

Soorah A'la : Allah will ease his matters for him.

Soorah Ghaashiyah : He will become esteemed in the eyes of people and the effects of his knowledge will spread far and wide.

Soorah Fajr : He will instill awe and elegance in the hearts of people.

Soorah Balad : Its reader will feed the poor, love the orphans and show kindness to the weak.

Soorah Shams : Allah will grant its reader intellect and farsightedness in all matters.

Soorah Layl : Allah will grant its reader protection against humiliation.

Soorah Duhaa : Its reader will honour the orphans and indigent people.

Soorah Inshiraah : Allah will open his bosom so that he acquires the correct understanding of Deen. Allah will also ease matters for him and remove his sorrow.

Soorah Teen : Allah will hastily fulfil his needs and grant him sustenance without any difficulty.

Soorah Alaq : He will be granted longevity and his status will be raised.

Soorah Qadr : Its Recitation is an indication that he will do good actions.

Soorah Bayyinah : Allah will make him a means of guidance for piours people.

Soorah Zilzaal : Allah will grant him the power and strength to weaken the non-believers.

Soorah Aadiyaat : Allah will grant him horses of such qualities that he will be able to derive much benefit from them.

Soorah Qaari'ah : Allah will grant him honour through worship. And tawwa.

Soorah Takaathur or Maqaabir : Its reader will stop amassing wealth and lead and ascetic life.

Soorah Asr : Its reader will exercise sabr and patience and he will help in matters of truth.

Soorah Humazah : Its reader will amass wealth and then spend it is good cause.

Soorah Feel : He will be helped against the enemy and Islam will become victorious at his hands.

Soorah Quraish : Its reader will feed the poor and Allah will make him the means of joining the hearts of the Muslims.

Soorah Maa'oon : Its reader will gain victory over his opposition.

Soorah Kauthar : Its reader will acquire much goodness in both the worlds.

Soorah Kaafiroon : Its reader will fight against the non-belivers.

Soorah Nasr : Allah will help its reader against his enemies. Perhaps its recitation is an indication of his death in the near future. For, it was specifically revealed to Rasoolullah (Sallallaahu-alayhi-wasallam) to inform him about his death.

A person said to Ibne Sireen (RA) that he had dreamed as if he were receiting Soorah Nasr. He said to him: “Make out your will. Your time has drawn near”. He asked : “Why?” he replied: “Because it was the last Soorah revealed to Rasoolullah (Sallallaahu-alayhi-wasallam)”.

Soorah Lahab or Masad : Whoever recites it in his dream his ambitions will be fulfilled, people will mention his name with reverence, he will become firm in his beliefs, his family will be small and his life will pass with ease and comfort.

Soorah Ikhlaas : Whoever reads it will repent for his sins and no child of his will live, for Allah Says; He does not beget nor is he begotten.

Some Ulama say that its recitation in the dream is an indication that the reader will be amuwahhid (ie monotheist). Moreover, he will have a son who will live so long that he will be the last amongst his family members to die.

Soorah Falaq : Its reader will be protected against evil.

Soorah Naas : Its reader will be safeguarded against all calamities and granted refuge from the accursed devil.


This is the termination of all that was related from Imaam Muhammad Bin Sireen (RA).