Dreaming of Professionals, Manufacturers, Tradesmen, Entertainers etc.

A Persson who Weighs and Measures : He symbolises a qaadhi, judge or magistrate if he is unknown. If a person sees such a person clapping hands it means the qaadhi is biased and unfair in his judgement. And if he is seen dancing he is fair and impartial.

If a person sees himself taking up the trade of weighing or measuring it means he will be appointed as a judge.

An Unknown Qaadhi or Judge : It is non other than Allah Ta'ala

A Khateeb : He symbolises a faqeeh, jurist and a man of great Islamic learning.

Perfumer : As above, he symbolises a faqeeh, jurist and a man of great Islamic learning.

Money-Changer : he symbolsies an aalim from whom people derive no benefit except material benefit.

Cloth Merchant : He symbolises a man of high standing in the community; or he symbolises a poet or a man of wisdom.

Treasurer : A great poet who is a artful in humiliating people through his poetry.

Tailor : A man who trades his religion for the material things of this world, or a man who is indispensable in the worldly affairs of people.

Dealer in Hide and Skin : A wealthy man who earns his wealth through pure and lawful means.

One who Mends patches : A man who loves to quarrel.

Cobbler : A man who joins people's hearts. He is very influential in forging unity between husbands and wives.

Slave Trader : One who is well acquainted with matters relating to the king or government.

Carpenter : A man who subdues people. He has great influential powers.

Blacksmith : A person who owns vast estates, exercises control and wields power.

A Wine Merchant : He pursues whatever comes his way, good or bad.

Launderer : he symbolises a person who dislike people for the evil they do. He urges them to offer sincere repentance.

Chef or Cook : A person who talks incessantly in order to acquire his livelihood. He also acquires much good.

Butcher : If he is unknown he symbolises the angel of death. If known it sis a person who is every on the run to acquire riches.

Sailor or Navigator : he symbolises a person who knows how to cure people of their sicknesses whether they are rulers or subjects.

Goldsmith : A compulsive liar. He deceives people. He is a mean fellow because of his doings.

Phlebotomist : He symbolises a writer or an author.

*(Phlebotomy is the act of bloodletting as a means of therapeutic measure-collins Concise Eng. Dic.)

Writer : He symbolises a phlebotomist*

Cotton–carder : A truthful, honest and upright person who is able to distinguish right from wrong, truth from falsehood, good from bad.

Miller : he presents a porter or one who hires out animals.

Cup-Bearear *: One who has many friends, relatives and acquaintances.

*(A cup-bearer is a person who fills and serves the wine cups, as in a king's palace-Collins Concise Eng. Dic.)

Saddler : A man who causes a rift between a man and his wife.

Dyer : One who is deceitful, pretentious and a compulsive liar. He loves to show off and be boastful. He makes false allegations against people.

Greengrocer : A person who fully comprehends what people say and he understands their reasoning. And when he speaks he supports his speech with good reasoning and proof. He also possesses a good and clean heart

Minter : He symbolises a person who causes disturbance, disunity and ill feelings in the community. He rouses people against one another.

Barber : He symbolises a wealthy person who is an asset to the community yet has the ability to cause it great harm.

Shield Maker : A person who transports people from one place to another.

Basket Maker : A Wealthy person who can cause benefit or harm. The same is the interpretation of seeing a slaughterer, glass manufacturer, fuller and diver.

Teacher, Ustaad, Tutor, Etc. : Represents a friends or a king or his minister. And if a person sees himself sitting which the pupils or students in the madrasah it means he will live long and reach a good old age.

Weaver : A traveler.

Treasure Collector : A person who has a huge family but is barely able to support his family.

Builder : A person at whose hands people offer repentance and swear oaths of abstinence from sins.

Surgeon : Represents a liar or a con man or a person who exercises sihr or jaadoo.

Astrologer, Soothsayer, Magician Etc. : Any of the above symbolises a great liar who may also be very close to the king or government.

One who Makes Ta'weez : He represents a person who is master at the art of convincing people by the sweetness of his tongue.

Conjurer or Raaqi : Persons who makes dam on people represent government officials.

Fishmonger : he symbolises a leader or chief in the community.

Painter : One who invents a lie against Allah.

Shroud-thief : If seen by a trustworthy person who advocates peace and harmony it means he will acquire tremendous knowledge and wisdom. But if he is not trustworthy and does not advocate peace and harmony it means he will pursue the material things of this world.

Grave Digger and Excavator : To see a grave digger or excavator in the dream means death for the one who sees it provided any of the following happens; he pushes the grave digger away from his place; his animal tramples the grave digger, the grave digger falls on the ground; he himself is in the state of sakraat. But if any of the following happens then he will either lose his job or die; he rolls up his bedding; his turban or topi falls off from his head; his hand gets cut off from his body; his tongue is cut off; he becomes blind.


And Allah knows best.