Seeing Ordinary Birds, Birds of Prey and Poultry in the Dream.

Birds of prey : Generally, birds, symbolise sublimity and power enjoyed by kings, moarchs, rulers, governors and chiefs.

Acquiring or Owning a Vulture : If a person dreams that he has acquired or owned a vulture which is trained to obey his commands it means he will, acquire assets and estates; he will also wield power by way of his appointment to kingship.

Flying on the Back of a Vulture : If he dreams that he is flying horizontally on the back of a vulture, he will enjoy honour, sublimity and power by being promoted to the office of kingship.

But if the vulture flies with him vertically towards the heavens, he will die while on a journey. For, such a vulture would then represent the angel of death.

Falcon : it symbolises a tyrant ruler or king who is powerful and well known as a warlord. Acquiring or owning a falcon which obeys his commands means he will acquire assets and estates; he will also wield power by way of his appointment to kingship. Similarly, if it is seen flying horizontally with him on its back, he will enjoy honour, sublimity and power by being promoted to office of kingship. And if it is seen flying with him vertically towards the heavens, he will die while journeying.

The same is the interpretation if he sees a hawk or any other bird of prey.

Kite or Eagle : It symbolises a humble king who maintains a low profile but is extremely powerful.

Owl : It represents a timid and weak thief who has no friends and helpers.

Crow : It represents a mischievous person who is a great liar and an impostor. He has no religion. The same is the interpretation of an old eagle and magpie. Imaam Ibne Sireen (RA) says that if a person sees an old eagle in his dream during the day, he will suffer from some serious illness.

Wood-Pigeon : It symbolises a servant of the king who is well informed on governmental affairs. He advises the king or government in matters relating to national affairs so that the country advances in the right direction. It is also said that he is the financial minister of the state who is experienced, intelligent, far sighted and influential.

Crane : it represents a person from a foreign land who is poor and a destitute.

A Female Ostrich : It presents a Bedouin woman.

A Male of Ostrich : It presents a man who is a foreigner and unmarried.

A Cock : It presents a man from a foreign land or a slave. It is also said that it represents an announcer such as a mu'azzin.

A hen : It represents a blessed woman. If many hens are seen then they represent dames and women who will gather together for some happy occasion such as a wedding.

A partridge or Pheasant : It represents a treacherous and deceitful woman. She has no principles and no good can be expected of her.

A Turtle Dove : A charming lady who loves pleasure and who has a passion for fun and merry-making.

A Parrot : It represents a slave girl or an orphan boy.

Peacock : It symbolises a foreigner in an Arab land; or assets; or beauty and adornment; or a person's followers.

Peahen : It symbolises an attractive and beautiful non-Arab Lady. And if the peahen is ugly it symbolises a beautiful woman but not capable of loving or beloved nor reliable.

A Honey Bee : It symbolises a son who is blessed, dexterous and alert.

A Ring-dove : A ringed turtle dove symbolises an immodest, shameless woman who has no inclination towards Deen.

Eating or Owning a Ring-dove : If a person eats such a dove or owns it, it means he will have some business to do with a woman.

Acquiring the Feathers or Eggs of a Ring-dove : If he acquires its feathers or eggs by trapping it, it means he will coin some deceptive methods of trapping a woman.

Hunting a Ring-dove : Hunting it by any means such as a spear or stone means he will make false accusation against a woman.

Nightingale : It represents a bless baby boy or a loyal servant or slave.

A Crested Bird : It represents a small child.

Sparrow : A male sparrow symbolises an obese and dangerous person. A female symbolises a cursed woman.

Hunting Sparrow : A great many sparrows symbolise assets, wealth and booty provided they are hunted.

The Chirping of Birds : A glad tiding will be received.

A Flock of small Birds (Ababeel) : Such a flock symbolises a blessed person who devotes his time in worshipping Allah profusely.

Starling . It represents a person who constantly undertakes journeys.

Raven : Seeing this bird means he will be guided on the straight path.

Marine Birds : They symbolises the ministers of the king or government or their officers and officials if such birds are seen in the water. But if they are seen on dry land it means prosperity, freshness and verdure. And if the birds are green it means grief, sorrow and perplexity.

Birds of Unknown Species : They sumbolise the angels. Their interpretation is the same as that of seeing the angels of Allah Ta'ala.

Eggs of Unknown Birds : They represent beautiful women with handsome faces if the beholder of the dream becomes the owner of the eggs or he finds them in his possession.

Eating the Eggs of Unknown Birds : The one who eats them cooked, fried or boiled in his dream, will acquired riches and prosperity.

Eating Uncooked Eggs : He will receive haraam wealth.

Eating the Shell or White of the Egg : Eating the shell or white of the eggs but not the yolk means he will usurp wealth belonging to the deceased or a slain person. It could also mean that he will dig up graves for the purpose of stealing the shroud (kafn) of the dead people.

And Allah knows best.

Incidents Relating to this Section :

Incident 1 : A person related his dream to Imaam Muhammad bin Sireen (RA), saying that he had seen a white pigeon, sitting on the pinnacle of a masjid in Madeenah and that he was captivated by its beauty. Then came a hawk and carried it away. The Imaam said; “If you are speaking the truth it means Hajjaaj bin Yoosuf will marry the daguther of Abdullah bin Ja'far At-Tayyaar”.

It is said that not many days had passed before Hajjaaj married her. Someone asked ibne Sireen : “O Aba Abdallah, how did you happen to come to this interpretation?” He replied: “A pigeon symbolises a woman. Its whiteness represents her beauty. The pinnacle of the masjid bespeaks her nobility and honour. And I found no other woman with such beauty and honour except the daughter of At-Tayyaar. Then I looked at the hawk which symbolises a tyrant and despotic ruler. I found Hajjaaj fitting this description. This how I reached this interpretation.” It is said that all the people sitting in his majlis were awe-struck when they heard this explanation of his.

Incident 2 : Another person related the following dream to the Imaam : He had seen a fat bird of an unknown species descending from the sky and sitting on a tree. It started packing at the blossoms of the tree and thereafter flew away. At this juncture, the Imaam's face turned pale. He said: “This is an indication of some great men of learning passing away.” It is said that Hasan Al-Basri and Ibne Sireen passed away that very year.

Incident 3 : It is related that Umar Bin Al-Khattaab (RA) saw that a cock packed at him once or twice. Someone asked him what the dream meant. He said: “A non-Arab person will kill me soon”. It is said that within four days of the dream Aboo Lulu Killed Him. May Allah be pleased with him.

Incident 4 : A person asked Imaam Muhammad Bin Sireen (RA): “What is your opinion regarding a person who had dreamed that he borke an egg and ate its white only and not its yolk?” The Imaam said: “Bring me the man who had seen the dream so that he personally relates to me his dream. I will answer him.” The man said. “No, do answer me: I will convey your interpretation to him”. The Imaam refused. He insisted several times and the Imaam refused the same number of times, finally he said under Oath: “My Lord, By Allah, it is I who had seen the dream”. The Imaam said to the people around him: “Catch him and hand him over to the authorities for he digs up graves and steals the kafn from the dead!” he pleaded: “My Lord, I sincerely repent to Allah before you!” He pleaded: “My Lord, I sincerely repent to Allah before you! I promise never to commit this since again all my life!” Thus he was not handed over to the authorities, but was released.

Incident 5 : It is related that a person vevealed his dream to the Imaam saying that he had seen himself holding a water-bird, trying to slaughter it with a knife thrice. Each time the bird managed to struggle itself loose. The for the time he succeeded. To this Imaam said: “You have seen a good dream. This is a virgin woman whom you wished to bring under your control thrice but without success. You succeeded the forth time”: He said: “My Lord, you have spoken the truth. Tonight will be the fifth nigh.” The Imaam smiled and after a little while said: “Come near me. One more thing remains to be told”. The man drew closer and asked: “What remains to be told, my Lord?” He said: “The girl let loose wind aloud as well”. He said: “Yes, you have spoken the truth.” He felt ashamed and departed.

Allah knows best.