Dreaming of Fish and Other Marine Creatures

Fresh Fish : If they are huge and many they symbolise wealth and assets from the one who acquires them. If small and many it means he will be afflicted with grief and sorrow. If one or two, they represent one or two women from who he will derive benefit.

Fillets of Fresh Fish : If the fillets, fat or skin of fresh fish is eaten or acquired by a person it means he will acquire wealth and assets from someone. Perhaps from some authority or woman.

Salted Fish : Salted fish whether small or big symbolise grief and sorrow caused by a person's servants, subordinates or brother.

Crocodile : it symbolises a thief who is crafty, sly and deceitful. Neither does his enemies nor his friends feel safe with him around.

The Flesh, Skin and Bones of a Crocodile : These symbolises wealth belonging to a person's enemy. Acquiring any of these means he will acquire assets from his enemy.

A Frog : If one or two, they symbolise a person who perseveres in offering his devotion to Allah.

Frogs : They represent an army of Allah. Seeing them in an area or house means that the people of such an area or house will soon be visited with the punishment of Allah.

Tortoise or Turtle : It represents a person of great Islamic learning. One who perseveres in acquiring knowledge and acting upon it. He also devotes much of his time in worshipping Allah.

Seeing, owning or bringing one into the house means he will soon build a strong relationship with a man of great learning.

Eating Turtle Meat : He will acquire Islamic Knowledge.

A Turtle Walking on the Road : Seeing a turtle walking on the road or in a garbage or in a dumping place means that the inhabitants of that place have little or no regard for Islamic knowledge. They will soon be deprived of Ilm and Ulama.

A Turtle in a Protected Environment : Seeing a turtle in a protected environment or sanctuary means that the people of that place appreciate and honour Islamic knowledge.

Crab : It represents a man of sound character and strong principles. When he makes decisions he does so with confidence. His stoic beliefs sometimes give the impression that he is stern, proud and haughty:.