Seeing Horses, Mares, Mules, Donkeys Etc. in One's Dream.

Horse : a horse in the dream symbolises person's status, rank, honur, dignity, power and glory. If he sees any increase in its quality and excellence it means similar increases in the quality and excellence of the above.

Mounting a Horse : If a person sees himself as mounting a horse which has not defects at all while such a horse trots slowly and gracefully, it means he will acquire honour, dignity and respectability. The same is the interpretation if he sees himself owning, acquiring or securing the horse. For Rasoolullah (Sallallaahu-alayhi-wasallam) has said : “The horse. Surely, its back is a means of honour for you and its stomach a means of fortune”.

Defective Saddle, Reins, Harness, Stirrup Etc. : Any defect in any of the above means person's honour and power will diminish according to the defect.

A Horse Having a Long or Short Tail : A hose with a long tail means a person will have many followers while a horse with a short or cut tail means he will have less followers.

Limbs of the Horse : Every limb of the horse represents a person's power and influence according to the importance of that limb.

A Fighting Horse : If a person sees the horse fighting with him it means he will commit a serious crime landing himself in some misfortune whose seriousness depends on the strength of such a horse.

An Uncontrollable Horse : If a horse is seen as going out of control in a confined area such as the top of a wall or roof or within the four walls of a masjid it means his honour and dignity will be tarnished. Perhaps he will commit a sin or crime of a serious nature.

A Flying Horse : If a person sees himself as mounted on a horse which flies with him in the skies he will attain honour and dignity in both the worlds. Similar interpretation is given if he sees a horse with wings. It may also mean that its owner will undertake a journey soon.

Horses Running through Cities : If horse are seen running through cities or between houses it means floods, rains and disasters are imminent. But if such horses are seen with saddles it means the person seeing the dream will meet lots of people who will have gathered together for some happy or unhappy occasion.

A Spotted Horse : A spotted (white and black) horse means the owner will continue with the work he is doing for a long time or the matter with which he is linked will continue to persist.

A Black Horse : The owner will acquire abundant wealth and tremendous happiness.

A Reddish-blackish Horse : It denotes power and progress in Deen.

A Brown Horse : A brown to tawny-coloured horse means the owner will travel to some land where he will face harships.

A White Horse : Conditions experienced by the owner will persists.

A Red Horse : It is the best of all horses insofar as interpretation is concerned.

A Horse with White Feet : A horse with all its feet white is regarded as the most excellent amongst all horse.

Allowing Another Person to Ride With : If a person sees himself as allowing another person to ride with him on his horse it means he will have his mission accomplished through that person.

A Mare : A mare or female horse symbolises a woman. If a person sees himself as becoming the owner of a mare or as mounting his own mare it means he will acquire a good, honourable and blessed woman.

A Black Mare : he will marry a wealthy woman.

A White Mare with Black Spots : He will marry an exceptionally beautiful woman.

A Green Mare : He will marry a woman with a charming personality and a sweet, singing voice.

Theft of a Mare : If a person dreams his mare as being stolen or dead, the same will happen to his wife. If he sees any defect in her the same is to be expected with regards his wife.

Eating the Flesh of his Mare : Eating the flesh of his mare means prosperity and honour. Also, he will enjoy a good reputation and receive subsistence (rizq).

An Unknown Horse : Seeing an unfamiliar horse which he does not own nor mounts means that he is a man of good repute and high honour. If he sees such a horse entering his neighbourhood or house it means a powerful and honourable person will make his appearance in that neighbourhood or house. If he sees such a horse leaving such a neghbourhood or house it means a man with same qualities mentioned above will leave the neighbourhood or house either by way of going away for good or death.

A Pack-Horse : A horse meant for carrying burden symbolises a person's fortune and luck.

An Obedient Pack-Horse : If such a horse is seen as well-trained and obedient it means good fate awaits him and if it is not seen as obedient then ill fate awaits him.

Mounting a Pack-horse : If he sees himself as mounting a pack-horse while he is in the habit of mounting an Arab horse it means his status will decrease and his happiness will come to an end. But it his habit is to mount such a horse his status will increase and he will become happy.

Mule : A mule symbolises a person who has no ancestral nobility yet possesses great physical strength and is of a temperamental disposition. Such a person may be a slave, shepherd or a person born out of wedlock.

Mounting a Mule : If a person who has an enemy with great physical strength, sees himself a s mounting a mule then he (the observer of the dream) will overpower and gain victory over him. If a woman happens to see the same dream she will marry a man with great physical strength and of a temperamental disposition.

At times a mule is interpreted as a journey to be undertaken.

Mounting a She-mule : Mounting a she-mule which is well saddled and well-bridled symbolises a barren woman. The same is the interpretation if ownership is taken of such a mule.

Mules of Various Colours : Their interpretations are exactly as the interpretations of horses of various colours.

Seeing a Female Mule : the mre seeing of a female mule in one's dream represents a person's honour, status, respectability and high standing in the community.

The Skin and Flesh of a Mule : They represent a person's wealth whose quantity equals the quantity of the skin and flesh seen in the dream.

The Milk of a Female Mule : The milk of a female mule does not augur well for the one who drinks it. Though he will receive some good he will experience much hardships depending on how much milk he had drunk.

An Ass : Seeing as ass in the dream is regarded as better than seeing a pack-horse. It symbolises a person's good fortune and luck. Seeing any excellences or defects in an ass means similar excellences or defects in his luck.

The interpretation of a female ass is the same as a male ass.

Mounting an Ass : If a person sees himself as mounting as ass which is obedient, he will acquire abundant irzq and become prosperous.

A Black Ass : It means prosperity and becoming a leader in his community.

Donkeys of Various Colours : Their interpretations are exactly as the interpretations of horses of various colours.

The interpretation of mounting, securing, owning, surrounding and enclosing a donkey is the same as doing the same to a horse.

Falling from an Ass : If a person sees himself as mounting and riding an ass and then falling of it means his good condition will take a sudden turn for the worse. Perhaps he will die.

Dismounting an Ass : If a person sees himself as dismounting an ass isn a normal way then there is no harm in seeing such a dream.

Buying an Ass : If a person sees himself as buying a donkey, paying hard cash for it and handling such cash with his hands it means he will speak words of wisdom in the presence of people. And if he does not see himself as handling the cash although the price for the donkey is paid in full it means one good will come his way for which he will express his gratitude. For paying the price for anything is in reality expressing one's gratitude.

An Ass with Weak Eyesight : Seeing an ass with weak eyesight means that matters relating to his livelihood will become confusing and difficult. The same applies to seeing an ass which has only one eye.

A Disabled Ass : Seeing such an ass means he will not find proper guidelines regarding his mission.

An Ass Becoming a Mule : If a person sees his ass changing into a mule means the fruits of his efforts will be enjoyed by an-other. This will happen when he will be on a journey.

An Ass Becoming a Horse : This means he will received his livelihood from a king or some dignified person.

A Weak Donkey : If a person sees his donkey as weak, unable to walk or carrying a burden or walk uphill it means he will become unprosperous.

Eating the Flesh of an Ass : If he sees himself as eating the flesh of a donkey or taking possession of one or slaughtering it for food, it means he will receive unlawful wealth.

Drinking the Milk of a She-ass : It means severe illness with no hope of recovery.


And Allah Subhanahoo Wata'ala knows best.