Dreaming of Men, Women and Animals : To see someone speaking to the observer or giving him something suggests that the observer4 will socialize or deal with him or someone who bears a similar name or resembles him.

Seeing an Unknown person : An unknown person represents an enemy if he is young. But if he is old, it suggest the observer's good fortune and success in whatever he is pursuing currently.

An Old Man : If an old man is seen speaking to him or giving him something, it means he will succeed in whatever he is pursuing. If the old man is of a pleasant personality and good looks, it means his pursuit is of a favourable nature. Otherwise, it is of an unfavourable nature.

An Old Woman : If unknown, she symbolises the current year. If she is beautiful, the year will bring good fortune. If ugly, the year will prove a disaster.

A Young Girl : If she is not known to him, she symbolises his current year. Further, if she is beautiful and healthy and she is seen speaking to him or giving him something or he sees himself hugging her or making love to her or having intercourse with her it means the current year will prove profitable and fruitful for him. It not beautiful, the year will prove a disaster.

A Newborn Girl : It is deemed a better dream than a newborn boy. It symbolises joy and happiness for the one who sees her.

A Newborn Boy : It suggests grief and harships for the one to whome a boy is born.

Eunuchs : To see castrated males who are unknown is tantamount to seeing the angels.

Head : The head represents the observer's leader or patron. This could well be his father, brother, employer, chief, husband, king etc. Thus, any defect in the head points to a similar defect in the leader or patron. Sometimes, the head represents a persons' capital.

A Dismembered Head : To see one's head detached from the body without being struck suggest one of the following : that one's leader or patron will break off his relationship with him; or the observer will lose his capital; or his present means of livelihood will come to an end.

The Hair of the Head : Hair symbolises a man's wealth and assets or that of his employer's.

Shaving the Head : If a person sees himself shaving the head in any month other than the Months of Hajj* or the Sacred Months**, either his capital will be lost or that of his employer's; or he will lose his job. If seen during the months of Hajj, it could only mean something good coming his way; perhaps he will proceed for Hajj.

*(Months of Hajj:Shawwaal, Zil-Qa'dah, Zil-Hijjah)

**(Sacred Months : Zil-Qa'dah, Zil-Hijjah, Muharram, Rajab)

Long Hair : Seeing the hair as long, one of the following interpretations could be given : if he is a soldier, his strength, elegance and awe will increase; if he is Hashimite, he will gain leadership in his community; if the observer is a businessman, his merchandise will increase, if he is a farmer his crops will increase.

Dishevelled Hair : Hair which has grown long, covering the face forewarns grief and sorrow.

White Hair : Seeing one's black hair turning white in the dream means that he will gain credibility and respect among his people.

Black Hair : Seeing one's white hair turning black suggest that his present condition will be transformed.

The Face and Beard : The face and beard symbolise a man's status and awe. Seeing one's beard lengthened suggest that his position or status will be elevated.

A Long Beard : An abnormally long beard means grief, sorrow and impending calamity.

A Shaven Beard : To see the beard being shaven means that he will lose his dignity and respectability amongst the people. The same is the interpretation of the hair of the beard falling off.

Removing the Hair of the Head and the Beard Simultaneously : If there is anything to suggest any goodness in such a dream it means that if observer is in difficulty, Allah will remove if, if he is in debt, Allah will enable him to pay it; if he is ill, Allah will grant him cure. But if there is no suggestion of any good then the dream is not of a favourable nature.

Dyeing the Hair of the Head : Dyeing the hair symbolises concealment and protection. Thus, if a person sees himself dyeing his hair it means that Allah will protect him from the evil consequences of what he intends to do. But if the dye does not stick to his hair, it means he will not be granted protection.

Rubbing Oil on the Hair, Beard or Body : Normally oiling of the hair, beard or body suggests beauty and elegance. But if excessive oil is seen flowing on the face or clothes, it suggests grief and sorrow.

Fragrant Oil : Rubbing sweet-smelling oil amplifies on'es beauty and elegance.

Smoke : It symbolises praises and complements coupled with terror and danger as smoke means danger from aruler or authority.

Seeing Hair on the Palm : The growing of hair on the palm or any such place where hair does not grow suggests that he will incur debts which will shatter his peace, causing him extreme anxiety.

Hair of the Armpits, Public Hair and the Moustache : If the hair is small or few, it symbolises steadfastness on Deen and Sunnah. If the hair is plenty is symbolises wilaayat which is bereft of Deen.

Hair of the Human Body : It symbolises a man's assets. If he has merchandise or crops, it will increase or decrease according to the amount of hair he had seen. If he sees the hair shining he will become a destitute if he is wealthy. Or he will become wealthy if he is a destitute; if he is perturbed, he will become pleased; if he is ill, he will be cured; if he is in debt, it will be paid.

Urine : It is the same as seeing the hair of the human body.

Human Brain : It symbolises a persons' wealth and assets. Eating the brain in the dream suggest that he is living off his own lawful earnings. Eating someone else's brain or an animal's brain suggest that he is living off someone else's earning.

Human Flesh : If cooked or roasted it symbolises wealth. If uncooked it means backbiting –if eaten. For Allah Ta'ala says; Would any of you like to eat the flesh of his dead brother? Nay, you will abhor it.

The Ear : The ear symbolises a person's wife or daughter. If the ear is seen not functioning (or as dead) it means he will divorce his wife or she will die. It could also mean his daughter will get married.

Embellishment of the Ear : Seeing the ear adorned with jewelry of any sort serves as a glad tiding that his daughter or wife are living a tranquil and happy life.

The Faculty of Hearing : It symbolises a person's Deen. Thus, if a person sees his hearing ability increased it suggests that he will progress in matters of Deen. But if he sees it as defective, it suggest similar defects in his Deen.

Voice : It symbolises his popularity amongst people. The louder and the more beautiful his voice the greater the popularity he will enjoy.

The Eye : It symbolises his Deen and his rightful conduct. The same applies to his ability to see. Any defect in the eye or the faculty of sight bespeaks of similar defect in his Deen. Any excellence in the eye or the faculty of sight bespeaks of similar excellence in his Deen.

Applying Kuhl or Surma to the Eye : Applying surma to the eyes suggest the observer's rightful conduct in matters of his Deen. Applying surma in the eyes with the object of adornment suggest that the observer will accomplish a religious task as a result of which he will enjoy credibility amongst the people. Sometimes a person's eye may sumbolise either his belonging, sons, brother or leader. Any excellence or defect in the eye will then reflect a similar excellence or defect in any of the above.

Eyebrows and Eyelashes : They symbolise the preservation of one's Deen and the heeding of its message. The healthier they are the greater its preservation and the more he will respond to its message.

The Nose and Forehead : They symbolise a person's status, honour and dignity. Any excellence or defect in them bespeaks of similar excellence or defect in his status, honour and dignity.

The Temples , Cheeks and Jaws : They symbolise his method of earning his livelihood. If they are sound his livelihood will be earned without difficulty. If they are defective then it will be earned with much difficulty.

The Lips. : They symbolise the assistance he receives from people. The Upper lip is regarded better than the lower one.

The Tongue : It symbolises his spokesperson and messenger. At other times it symbolises the soundness of his argument. Thus, if he sees his tongue as cut or short, it suggest that his argument regarding a certain dispute is weak. And if there is no such dispute, it symbolises his steadfastness on Deen. As opposed to the above, if he sees his tongue as elongated, it suggest that his argument is sound enough to make him gain victory over his opposition. And if there is no such dispute, it alludes to his habit of indulging in idle talk as well as his shamelessness.. A woman tongue seen as shortened or cut is always regarded as favourable.

The Front Two Teeth-Upper and Lower : They symbolise a person's children, brothers and sisters.

Loose Teeth : Loose teeth implies that one of his family members will fall ill.

Teeth in the Pocket : Pocketing the teeth or wrapping them in cloth or seeing them falling into the hand or keeping them in the house-any of these is a harbinger of a child, brother or sister being born. If may also mean his deriving some benefit from one of them.

Masticating Teeth : To see the teeth in the act of chewing suggest that one of his family members will fall ill.

Long Teeth : If a person sees his teeth as long or white or beautiful, it means that he will witness certain conditions in some of his family members that will give him pleasure and satisfaction.

Molars : They symbolise a person's paternal uncles, aunts etc. Any defect ion them is suggestive of similar misfortune regarding them.

Canine : This symbolises the head of the household on whom the household depends.

Pre-molars : These symbolise one's maternal uncles and aunts.

Molars and Pre-molars : These symbolise a persons paternal and maternal uncles and aunts. The upper ones will then symbolise the males and the lower ones the females. If a person sees any of these as fallen, and he does not pick them up nor or count them, it means one of his relatives will die. And if he sees all of them having fallen and he does not pick them up nor does he count them it suggest that he will outlive all of them, being the last to die.

An Incident : It is related that Ameerul_Mu'mineen, Mansoor, dreamt that he had lost all his teeth. In the morning he called for an interpreter. The interpreter came and after listening to the dram, said to Mansoor: “All your relatives will die.” Upon this, Mansoor became infuriated, saying : “May Allah lock your mouth! May He never let your interpretation become a reality! Now be gone!”. The another interpreter was called who fortunately was familiar with courtly protocols. He said: “O Ameerul-Mu'mineen, you will live for a long time. You will be the last to die amongst your relatives”.

Highly delighted with his tactful interpretation, the Ameerul-Mu'mineen laughed, remarking: “both interpretations are the same, but the manner employed by you is more superior and excellent!” He then presented him ten Thousand Dirhams as a gift.

Neck : A long neck symbolises trust (amaanat) and the Deen of Islam and the upholding of these two. A short neck will natureally imply a person's weakness and inability in upholding them.

The Brain : It symbolises people who are trustworthy.

The Hand and Arms : Both symboise either the observer or his brother or companion – depending on which of the three is implicated in the dreams.

An Amputated Hand : If a person sees his hand being amputated, it suggest that either his brother or his friend will die; or his partner will dissolve his partnership with the observer. The above will only be true if the observer did not pick up the amputated limb. But if he did, it suggest that a brother or child will be born or he will befriend someone.

A Detached Hand with No Bleeding : If a person sees his hand as detached without any trace of blood if a glad tiding of the observer's abstinence from sins. The same is the interpretation if a person sees himself holding his neck with both hand.

The Hand Amputated by the King : If a person sees his hand being amputated by a king, it suggest that he will swear a false oath.

Long Arm : A long arm suggest increase in income and also excessive spending due to generosity.

Powerful Hands : Powerful hands symbolise the wielding of great power.

Fingers : They symbolise his borther's and sister's chidren (ie. Nephews and nieces ). At other times they symbolise the five daily salaah. Thus, if any defects are seen in a persons' fingers, it is suggestive of similar short comings in his salaah; or it forewarns mishaps regarding his nephews or nieces-depending entirely on which of the two aspects are implicated in the dream.

Nails : They symbolise a persons' ability, capability and position – since he uses his finger –nails to scratch his body.

Bosom : it symbolises a person's patience and tolerance. A wide bosom symbolises great tolerance while a small one bespeaks of little or no tolerance at all.

Breasts : These symbolise a person's daughters.

Stomach : This symbolises a person's assets and his sons. To see one' stomach smaller than its normal size suggest that his wealth will increase.

The Stomach, Intestines and Other Organs : The stomach, intestines etc. symbolise a person's hidden wealth which he had accumulated over the years.

Eating One's Intestines, Liver and Kidney : If a person sees himself eating his own intestines, liver or kidneys or any other organ situated in or around the stomach it means he will have access to all his wealth which was not available to him hitherto. The same is the interpretation if – instead of eating them-he sees himself or another picking them up or carrying them.

Parasites : Any parasite whose life depends on the human body symbolises a person's family. If a person sees stomach-worms and lice walking on his body in great numbers or he sees them walking on his clothes it suggests that he will acquire much wealth and many male children.

The Ribs : The ribs symbolise the women of his household. Any pain in the ribs is suggestive of similar mishaps in them.

The Back and Loins : These symbolise a person's honour, dignity and nobility. At other times the back or the loins symbolise a child since a child is born of a person's back.

The Shoulder : It symbolises a peron's wife. Any defect seen in the shoulder is suggestive of similar mishaps regarding his wife.

The Male Generative Organ : If cut it means either he or his son will die. If he sees more than one it means the same number of children will be born to him.

The Testicles : They symbolise his daughters. Any pleasant or unpleasant occurrence in them bespeaks of similar pleasant or unpleasant occurrence in his daughter.

The Left Testicle : The left testicle means a son will be born to him. If the left one is ripped or missing, it means no sons will be born to him.

The Thighs : To see one's thigh amputated or detached from the body means that one will separate from his family members.

The Knee : The knee, shin and feet symbolise wealth belonging to others. The same represents his livelihood on which he is dependent.

The Toes : They symbolise the beautiful image portrayed by what a man owns.

Tendons and Muscles : They represent all that links a man with his affairs, honour and dignity.

The Skin : It presents a man's estates after he dies.

The Portions Between the Navel and Knees : If any portion between the navel and knees is seen as exposed, it means a person's secrets will be divulged to the people. How much will be divulged depends on how much of that portion is exposed.

Nakedness : Stark nakedness means that the person will soon cease to seek his pursuit or its means that the present phase will soon pass. But, if the observer of such a dream is a person whose pursuit is Deen, he will attain high status in piety, adoration, obedience and devotion to Allah. And if his pursuit is material wealth then he will attain this to the extremes provided none had seen his aurah (ie. Any portion between the navel and the knees). One the contrary if his aurah becomes exposed to people, then nothing good is to be expected of such a dream.

Nudity in the Masjid : If a person sees himself as nude in the masjid or market place or in any other place, provided non had seen his aurah nor had anyone taunted him it suggest cheerfulness after sorrow, good health after sickness, atonement from sins and freedom from debts.

The Neck : If the neck is severed from the body it means that the person will become free if he is a slave or he will recover from his illness or he will soon be freed of his debts.

The same dream could also be interpreted as follows : he will proceed for Hajj; or if he is distressed, he will soon find relief; or if he is in fear, it will be removed.

Bleeding : If a person sees himself as a mediator between two groups of people it means he will reach some agreement with his opposition provided the person acting as the mediator does not see blood oozing from his body. Otherwise there is no good to be expected. The same dream could also mean that there is doubt insofar as the lawfulness of his wealth is concerned.

Slaughtering a Man : This indicates that the slaughterer will subject the man to oppression, for slaughtering something that is not edible is oppression.

Slaughtering a Haraam Animal : This means he will oppress someone whom the Haraam animal represents.

Killing a person : This means that the victim will acquire some good from the killer in real life.

Wrestling with a person : The person who loses the duel in the dream will gain victory and live prosperously in real life. It could also mean that the loser will gain more land than the winner.

Abusive language : Abusing and swearing someone means that the abused person is on a better footing than the abuser.

An Incident : It is related that Abdullah bin Zubair (RA) saw in his dream that he is engaged in a duel with Abdul Malik ibn Marwan, defeating the latter. The former also sees himself pinning his foe to the ground by means of four nails. When he awoke in the morning, he sent his man to Muhammad bin Sireen (RA) for the interpretation of the dream. He also cautioned him not to reveal to the Imaam the name of the one who saw the dream, nor the winnr nor the loser. When the Imaam heard this he exclaimed: “This is not your dream! Nor can anyone except Abdul Malik ibn Marewan or Abdullah bin Zubair see such a dream!” The Imaam decline to interpret the dream. The person returned to Abdullah bin Zubair and informed him tof the Imaam's refusal to interpret the dream until the real person who had seen the dream is not known. Abdullah bin Zubair 9RA) sent his messenger back to tell the Imaam that it was he who had seen the dream When the Imaam was informed to this and the fact that the loser was Abdul Malik bin Marwan he said that Ibne Marwan will gain victory over Abdullah bin Zubair, killing him in the process. Thereafter, the chain of Khilafat will reamin in the family of ibne Marwan. This interpretation was given because of the fact that ibne Marwan was pinned to the ground by means of four nails. The interpretation turned out to be exactly as the Imaam had stated!.

Bridegroom : If a persons sees himself as having become abridgegroom and he also recognizes his bride in the dream it is a glad tiding that he will soon marry, or he will wield power or he will become the owner of something of value. But if he did not see his bride nor does he see himself in wedlock with a woman it means that he will either die or be killed or become a martyr.

Divorce : Divorcing one's wife mean that the person will be dismissed from his present position.

Blood, Pus Etc. without any Wound : Bleeding without any wound means he will acquire unlawful wealth. Similarly, pus or blood gushing forth from a fountain in the body and such pus or blood staining his body also means he will earn haraam wealth. How much haraam wealth he earns depends on how much blood or pus gushes from such a fountain. But if the body does not stain it means he will be demoted from his present position. The degree of his demotion depends on how much blood or pus gushes out.

Wounds, Bruises Etc : wounds, bruises, ulcers, sores etc. appearing on the body symbolise wealth that will be acquired by the observer of such a dream. The extent of the wealth will depend on how old such wounds, bruises etc. Are, Likewise, any obesity or swelling means acquiring of wealth equal to the extent of the obesity or size of the swelling.

Leprosy : It symbolises the acquisition of abundant and pure wealth.

Insanity : It symbolises wealth except that the person will spend it in an undesirable manner and in evil place.

Intoxication : It symbolises wealth except that the person will spend it in an undesirable manner and in evil places.

Emaciation and Weakness. : Thinners and weakness of the body denotes that not much good is to be expected from such a dream.

Power : Power in the dream signifies strength in one's Deen and position.

Carrying a Burden : Carrying a burden signifies that the person will soon be faced with grief and sorrow.

Excreta of Man and Animals : This symbolises wealth. If it gives off a bad smell it symbolises unlawful wealth. The stronger the odour the greater the unlawfulness.

Droppings of Animals that are not Eaten : It symbolises haraam wealth.

Becoming Spattered with Excreta : If a person sees himself or his clothes spattered with excreta of animals which are haraam to consume or he becomes the owner of the excreta or he sees himself guarding such excreta, it means he will receive unlawful wealth.

Passing of Stools : Seeing oneself passing stools means he will lose wealth equal to the extent of stools passed. Or he will conduct himself in such a manner as will cause him harm. If so much stools are passed that it takes the from of mud, rain or floods then there is no good to be expected from such a dream. Perhaps it could mean he will be terrorized by the authorities.

Passing of Anything beside Stools : The passing of anything unusual such as blood, worms, lice, pus etc. denotes that the observer of the dream will suffer loss in his wealth and family accordingly.

Breaking Wind : If it is with sound, it means he will utter such words as will make people laugh.

Bleeding from the Anus : If a person sees himself bleeding from the back passage and his body becomes stained with such bleeding, it means he will acquire wealth equal to how much his body is stained.

Spitting : This means he will utter words which will affect someone other than himself.

Coughing : Coughing means that the person will complain about someone.

Blowing the Nose : Blowing the nose and expelling filth means that the person will become angry as a result of which he will utter undesirable words. If no filth is expelled it means he will lodge a complaint against someone.

Vomiting : vomiting without an unpleasant odour, taste and colur is a glad tiding that the person will cease to commit sins and that he will resort to sincere repentance. But if has an unpleasant odour, taste or colour, he will commit an evil act which will prove to be detrimental to him.

Cupping : If the cupper is unknown it means that he will be subjected to a condition or he will be made to guard a trust. But if the cupper is a known person it means he will lose a portion of his wealth or belonging.s

Cupping on the Neck : Either he will commit brech of trust or breach of trust will be committed in his property.

Bleeding from the Nose : A sign of good health. At times it indicates financial loss or dishonour or loss of one's capital.

Drawing Blood from the Vein : It implies a person losing part of his wealth to the king or authorities.

Blood in a Cup, Bowl or Tray : This symbolises sickness and the spending of one's wealth on some woman. Some say spending it on onseself.

To be Stained with Blood, Dung Etc. : If the body is seen stained with blood, dung, excreta and all that issues from the body, it symbolises unlawful wealth owned by him or it means he will receive haraam wealth in the future.

Incidents Relating to this Section :

Incident 1 : A person approached Imaam Muhammad Bin Sireen (RA) and said : “ I have seen a dream that I have shaven my hair” or he said “ I have seen my head shaven. Please interpret the dream for me”. The Imaam said: “This slave of yours will be separated from you either by becoming free or by your death or his”. (The narrator says ) that the master died within five or six days after seeing this dream.

Incident 2: it is narrated that a person came to Imaam Ja'far Saadiq (RA) and said: “I dreamed that a woaman shave my beard and hair. What is the interpretation?” He said: “Indeed, you have seen amost unpleasant dream. For the woman symbolises the year (time) and the head symbolises man's honour, respect beauty and all the Allah favours him with. You will lose all of these. But since you have seen a woman do this, all these bounties will be recovered shortly.” (The narrator says that) the dream came true after a short period of time.

Incident 3 : It is related that in Baghdad some persons were seated together, relating their dreams to each other. One amongst them said : “Friends I wish to relate to you a strange dream I had seen. I saw a barber shaving off my beard and moustche. One awakening I proceeded to Imaam Ja'far Saadiq (RA) and related to him the dream. He said: You are to become embroiled in some difficulty owing to which you will lose your honour and respectability amongst the people. This will cause you muich grief and sorrow. I was shocked by this interpretation. I returned home with difficulty and remained indoors for four days. One the fifth day I decided to go out for a walk When I reached the door of the masjid. I saw an old acquaintance of clothes in order to lash him. Suddenly his gaze fell on me and he began crying out: Hey So-and-so! I responded: I am present He said: It is through you that I have landed in this misery. Hey so-and-so! Whatever I have given you which you had carried to your house return it to its owner and free me from this misery! I said to him. I seek Allah's protection from the accursed devil! For Allah's sake! Your have given me nothing at a ll and what you are accusing me of, is all a lie! He again said; For Allah's sake, don't become difficult! I have given you such and such clothing belonging to so-and-so and you have hidden it is your house!

“Hearing all this the police arrested me straight away and put me behind bars. They began interrogating me about something that I had never done. After some days I was brought before the Qaadhi to face the charges brought against me. I was found guilty and awarded the penalty for theft.

“I became popular in the whole of Baghdaad as an accomplice of thieves. But Allah's bounties know no bounds. A few days before my hand was to be amputated, a son was born to the Khaleefah. In jubilation, he decided to released all prisoners amongst whom I was one. I thanked Allah a thousand times for favouring me with His special bounty. This is how my dream became a reality. I have never seen a dream come out so true as this one”.

Incident 4 : A person approached Imaam Muhammad Bin Sireen (RA) and revealed the following dream: “I saw a black, stout woman in my dream whom I asked to marry me. Please tell me what is the interpretation?” The Imaam asked: “Do you know this woman?” He replied: “Yes:”. The Imaam said: “Then why the delay in works of piety? Proceed straightaway and get married to her. For her blck colour suggest that she is well to do. And her height suggest that she will not live long”.

Hearing this, the person approached the woman, proposed marriage to her and subsequently married her. Not many days passed before she suddenly died and he became her only heir to all her wealth. In this way the Imaam's interpretation became a reality.

Incident 5 : A person narrated the following dream to Imaam Muhammad bin siren : “I saw in the dream that my son bounded my hands behind my back with a black rope. Tell me what does this mean.” The Imaam said:” Congratulations to you. You are in debt and your son will relieve you of this burden very shortly. Moreover, he will also relieve you of your burden of having to earn a livelihood and incurring further debts. For, blackness suggests affluence and sufficiency”. The person thanked the Imaam saying: “My master, you have spoken the truth”.