Seeing the Earth, Mountains, Deserts, Hills, Structures, Forts, Shops, Houses, Building, Explosion, Earthquakes Etc. in One's Dream

The Earth : Its interpretation is very diverse: for example, if its boundary is visible in the dream it symbolizes a woman; if not it symbolizes worldly affairs; if it abounds in some unknown vegetation, it symbolizes the Deen of Islam. The same applies to deserts. These are only two examples. Read on to learn more about it.

Standing in a Vast Stretch of Land : Standing in the middle of a vast stretch of land suggest that a wonderful and peaceful life awaits him. It also means safety, protection, peace and harmony.

A Narrow Piece of Land : If the land is restricted it means the end of his life. The same dream could perhaps mean wilaayah if the beholder of such a dream is worthy of it. Wilaayah could be interpreted as the office of sainthood, dominion, soeverignity, jurisdiction and the like.

Dialogue with the Earth : To see the earth speaking to a person indicates that he will acquire such prosperity that will cause people to be amazed and astonished. The same interpretation is given when such a thing is seen speaking to a person which does not possess the faculty of speech.

Disappearance into the Earth : If a person sees himself disappearing into the earth without a grave it means he will ruin himself, because of his obsession in worldly pursuits. If the disappearance is in a hole or grave, it means he will encounter something extremely offensive as a result of committing a crime or by being cheated.

The Earth Revolving : If a person sees the earth causing him to go round and round, it means his affairs, will be left in total disarray and confusion ; he will thus flee from one place to another in pursuit of his livelihood.

Traversing through Wasteland, Wilderness or the Desert : If a person sees himself traversing through wasteland, wilderness or desert in such a manner that he does not get lost it means he will remains steadfast upon the religion of Islam. If he gets lost it means he is in doubt about Islam.

Eating and Drinking in the Wild : This suggest that he will acquire affluence in the world and progress in matters of Deen.

Soil and Sand : Soil, sand and dust symbolize wealth in the form of goods, if someone sees soil, Sand or dust flying on him or he sees himself eating it, it suggest that he will become wealthy and affluent.

Walking on Sand or Picking Up Sand : If a person sees himself walking on sand or picking up sand, it means he will have to toil very hard in order to become wealthy.

Sand or Dust Flying in the Atmosphere or Skies : Sand or dust flying in the atmosphere or skies symbolizes the beholder's affairs becoming chaotic. The same interpretation is given if mist or fog is seen.

Digging the Earth : If someone sees himself digging the earth and eating the soil, it means he will acquire wealth by cheating and deceiving people.

A True Incident : It is narrated that Rabee'ah bin Umayyah bin Khalf came to Hadhrat Aboo Baker As-Siddeeq (RA) and said: “ O khaleefah of the Messenger of Allah, I saw a dream last night.

I saw myself in a lush and green land. Then I suddenly saw myself in a barren land. At this stage I saw you clasping your neck with both your hands”.

Hadhrat Aboo Bakr As-Siddeeq (RA) : “if what you are saying is true then I am afraid you will forsake the Deen of Islam.

As for me all my affairs will remain protected and my hands will not be contaminated through worldly pursuits”.

The narrator says that during the Khilaafat of Hadhrat Umar (RA) Rabee';ah Left Medinah to live in Rome . There he embraced Christianity in the presence of the then king and died as one.

Mountains and Hills : Mountains and hills represent people, their ranks and positions depending on the hugeness, height and mass of such mountains and hills. The same applies to boulders and rocks. The person who sees such a dream will attain honour and dignity.

Climbing a Mountain : If a person sees himself climbing a mountain it means he will attain high positions.

Rocks and Stones : These symbolize hardness of hear, cruelty, harshness and haughtiness.

Pebbles : Pebbles symbolize backbiting and leveling allegation against someone.

Standing On Top of a Mountain : If someone sees himself standing on top of a mountain, it means he will overpower an-other person with a similar rank or position such as his.

Conquering or Dropping a Mountain : If a person sees himself conquering or defeating a mountain (as in a fight), it means he will commit murder.

Digging a Hole in the Mountain : If a person sees himself breaking into the mountain (just as a thief breaks into a house) or digging into the mountain, it means he is guilty of deceiving someone.

Ascending a Mountain without Faltering : If someone sees himself climbing a mountain without faltering, it is a hint that his desire to acquire a particular thing will be fulfilled-but after much difficulty and hardship.

Ascending : Seeing oneself ascending ordinarily (as in real life) means one will attain honour, dignity and an elevated postion. Such ascension is indeed, an enviable one. In general, ascension or climbing represents one's honour and dignity in worldly and religious matters. At other times, climbing a mountain or tree suggests that the beholder will be granted protection against calamities of all sorts.

Carrying a Mountain : The carrying of stones, rocks and mountains means one will be made to carry great burdens by people who are hard and cruel.

Shops and their Frontage : Shops and pavements where merchandise is normally sold symbolize merchandise and goods. But pavements and terraces which are not normally occupied for trading purposes, but instead are utilized for converging, means that the beholder will plunge into lengthy discussion.

An Unknown House : If a person sees himself in a house whose foundation, location and occupants are not known to him, it symbolizes his abode in the Hereafter every feature of such a house-eg. Narrowness, spaciousness, ugliness, beauty – is an identical replica of his abode in the Hereafter. Subsequently, this is a reflection of his deeds and actions in the world.

A Known House : If he sees a house which is known to him, it symbolizes his position and condition in this world. Its features – be they pleasant or unpleasant, such as the house being straight or crooked, spacious or narrow, orderly or disorderly-is a reflection of his behaviour and character.

Possessing a House : If a person sees himself owning a house known to him it suggests that he will acquire worldly gains proportionate to the spacious ness, attractiveness and elegance of such a house.

An Extended House : Seeing one's house or its foundation extended means that the beholder's wealth and assets will increase in proportion to the extensions.

A Ruined House : Seeing one's house in ruins or raised to the ground means that his future will be ruined as a result of his evil deeds.

Selling a House : Seeing oneself selling one's house in indicative of the termination of his life.

Building a House : The building of one's own house or another's suggest pursuit of worldly gains proportionate to the construction.

Building a House in an Unknown Locality : The building of a house in an unknown locality suggest that the beholder will accomplish good deeds and that he will secure for himself a favourable position in the hereafter.

Demolishing a House : If a person sees himself demolishing an unknown house, it suggest that all his previous anxieties have been removed and that all his sins and evil doings are revoked. But if the house is known to him, it suggest that he will lose all his worldly possessions due to his evil doings and squandering. If only a portion of his house is demolished it means he will suffer worldly loss proportionate to how much is demolished.

Mansion : A mansion in a city with huge windows is regarded as an excellent dream. Climbing such a mansion means the beholder will attain lofty positions during his lifetime. Good fortune and happiness are in store for him.

A Wall : A wall reflects the status and position of a person if he is seen standing on top of it. But if he sees himself falling from the wall, it means he is heading for destruction.

A Plastered or Cemented House : A house which is plastered symbolizes a grave. If a person sees himself imprisoned in a new, plastered house which is unknown to him then such a house represents his grave.

An Unplastered House : An unknown and unplastered house symbolizes a woman.

Climbing the Upper Portion of a House : If a person sees himself entering an unknown house and climbing the upper protions of the house, it means he will marry some woman who will be a means of prosperity for him.

A Familiar House : If a person sees himself owning a house which is not strange to him, it means he will soon find a wife for himself. Sometimes, the mere seeing of a house suggests a persons material wealth and assets.

Sweeping a House : The sweeping of one's own house means that poverty is in store for him. The sweeping out of another' house means he will acquire much wealth from the owner of that house.

Digging a Grave : The digging of a grave means he will build a house.

A City in Ruins : The total or partial devastation of a city suggests that the inhabitants of that city will forsake their Deen. They may even lose their accumulated resources as a result of their misdeeds.

Ladder or Stairs : Climbing a ladder or stars symbolises the religion of Islam by virtue of which he will acquire high stations in the Hereafter.

Stairs of Unbaked Bricks : Climbing stairs constructed of unbaked bricks suggest that he will enjoy honour in the world by giving charity.

Stairs of Baked Bricks, Timber or Mortar : Climbing any of these suggest that he will attain high status in the world provided their is something in the dream to suggest this.

A Door : It symbolises the head of the household and at other times the one who manages the household affairs which is, in most cases, one's wife. Any pleasant or unpleasant condition in such a door bespeaks of a similar condition in her. For example, a broken, displaced or burnt door could mean dispute or separation between wife and husband.

The Lintel : The upper lintel or doorframe symbolises the husband while the lower one, the wife.

A Gutted House : If a person sees his house devastated by fire it is a hint that he will be disgraced by an authority; or he will be afflicted by an epidemic disease.

A Displaced Door : A displaced door is a hint that the head of the household will die.

A Dislodged Door or Doorframe : If the door or doorframe of one's house is seen dislodged, it means the lady who owns the house or the landlady will die.

Someone Sitting on a Dislodged Door ; If a person sees the door of his house displaced or dislodged and another person sitting on it, it means he will sell his house and his wife will marry someone else.

A Door Falling : A door seen falling indicates that the beholder will first become ill then regain his health.

Doorframes : The timber with which doorframes and lintels are made represent one's children. If two sides of a doorframe is seen broken, it means his two daughters will die. But if he has more than two daughters, it means all of them will get married, thereby leave his home permanently to live with their husbands.

Closing the Door : If a person sees himself closing the door of his house it means he will divorce his wife.

Opening a Closed or Locked Door : If the house whose door is being opened is known to him it means he will marry. If not, it means his Dua's will be granted.

A Nail : A nail symbolises a person who assists people in solving their problems.

A Bridge : A bridge has the same interpretation as a nial.

Earthquakes and Tremors : These are forewarnings of certain major happenings in the world. A quake on mountains points towards evil Ulama. A quake on one's own body suggest that one is bereft of all goodness and worthiness. A tremor is one's house suggest that his house will become a venue for adultery. To seen an entire house or part of it in ruins as a result of a tremor is an indication that he owner's life will terminate shortly.