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Coming Soon...

These are just some of the new and exciting updates coming soon to

> Interactive Amma - Done as of 31.07.11 - Click Here

We've already created the interactive Ahsanul Qawaid to help you learn how to read the Quran. Now we're working on an interactive Amma. the 30th Supara. Once it's all complete you;'ll be able to click on any ayah in the 30th Supara and have the words highlighted as the ayah is read out! 

 > Interactive Quran

Just like the above but for the WHOLE Quran. We've already completed a few Suparas already...

 > Islamic e-Library

We've already scanned a number of books (50+)  and intend to get a few more scanned so that you have the resources you need to increase your knowledge and resolve you to action.

> Female Section

This will cover all female matters in Islam. Both for personal hygiene issues, issues relating to worship and again for marriage/children etc

> Children Section

Children's books and activities will be uploaded to keep the youngsters entertained and educated.

> Surah/Dua Section: Eating, Sleeping, Bathroom etc

There's quite a bit that each Muslim needs to learn by heart. So we'll be making some audio/visual resources to help you get on track to learning some Surahs of teh Quran and some daily Duas.

> Zikr Shop

We'll have some of our resources in our shop for you to purchase.

 > Advertising

We'll be taking on sponsors to help cover our hosting costs. So if you have a website/online e-business you wish to promote then get in touch for further details.

> Islamic Date Calendar

An Islamic Calendar on the site to keep you all clued up on some of the major events in the Islamic Year.

> Site Map for Navigation

A quick navigation page so you can get to the relevant section of the website without having to trawl through it all.

> Stories of Awliya Allah

For those who love a good read and who wish to learn from past experiences of otehr Saints.

> Read Website Aloud

We're well aware that some content is just too long to read. So we're gonna read it for you and let you listen to it insted.  (You'll have to get use to our lancashire, UK accent!)

> Audio Kalimats added to Qalbi Zikr & Mureed Initiation Steps

To help make it easier to get your permission and beocme a Mureed.

> Subtitles of Hadhrat's Video into English

To help all those who don't speak Urdu.

> Importance of Heart through Hadith & Qur'an explained

Probably the most important section as this website deals with Qalbi Zikr at the very core.

> Course Outline

We'll outline the 33 lessons that each Mureed will need to cover inorder to complete the Wilayat Course.

> Progress Worksheets

Hoping to make all progress sheets interactive.

> Flash Muraqabah Technique

A visual representation of how meditation is performed.

> Muraqabah Files

Upload many more audio files to help you do Muraqaba.

> Video/Images of Hadhrat Sahib

We'll upload many more images of Hadhrat Sahib

> Web Conference for live programs

We aim to hold live programs over the Internet. InshAllah when this is up you'll be able to interact with us even if you are several thousands of miles away.

> Arabic Shijra Sharif

To help all those who speak Arabic.

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